Landlord's maintenance contracts

Landlord's maintenance contracts

For property maintenance, some landlords opt to go with service providers on an annual basis. Landlords do this simply because they don't have time or resource to do it. But is it really worth it? Imagine paying a whole year of service then finding out there were no issues. Should you have chosen to get a specialized service on an hourly rate? Let's find out the answer.

When we talk about “landlords maintenance responsibilities Dubai”, what pops up on your mind? As per law, landlords are responsible for all property maintenance needed unless otherwise agreed. Sound like music to the ears for tenants, right? Well, it's not really the case. Most lease agreements here put major maintenance as landlord's responsibilities. While on the hand, tenants will take care of minor maintenance. However, Landlords maintenance responsibilities are sometimes being abused to a certain extent. For example, a tenant will complain about a broken water heater. The landlord would think that it should be replaced from his own pocket. But after investigating the issue, it turned out that function keys were damaged. And that is because the tenant kept on adjusting the water temperature. The tenant, though, will insist it's not his fault and landlord must replace it. That's why it's important to categorize what is a major and a minor maintenance. To make it simple, a landlord's maintenance checklist must be devised.

Landlords' responsibilities for repairs

Most tenancy contracts here in Dubai specify what the landlord's maintenance responsibilities are. Some major maintenance accountabilities include:

  • Major plumbing concern
  • Water pumping equipment
  • Water heater issues
  • Air-conditioning maintenance (unless damaged by misuse)
  • Electrical installations

On the other hand, some minor maintenance concerns that tenants should handle include:

  • Repair or replacements of items such as light bulbs, hoses, sink plugs, cook hood filters, etc.
  • Damage to electrical sockets
  • Scratches on walls due to movement of furniture
  • Wall holes caused by hanging items

It's vital to know what the maintenance responsibilities of both parties are. And it should be stated on contracts to avoid any confusion on both sides.

To sum it up, it's nice having an annual agreement with a maintenance company. This will definitely allow landlords to have someone look over their properties without worry. But they will only take care of maintenance issues. That is where BSO Real Estate Management can help out. Having 30+ vendor connections, you'll be getting high quality service at discounted rates. And you don't have to worry about having an annual contract with maintenance companies. That is because we work with them on an on-call basis. Plus, you'll have options to get the best price without sacrificing quality of work. Indeed an all-in-one property management solution! Call BSO Real Estate Management to know more.

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