The Meadows Area Guide. Part 1


The Meadows Area Guide. Part 1

11/06/2024, 14:55:12

Meadows Dubai is a luxury housing development, charming with its greens and lakes. Do you have a rental property here? If so, this guide will help you to have a clear picture of rental prices and trends in Meadow. Also, based on our property management experience, we will provide you with some ideas about the profile of your potential tenants. Definitely, this will help you position your villa right!

Properties for rent and sale in The Meadows

We know how important it is for the landlords to have their fingers on the pulse. Among other things, it includes keeping the property rent and sale prices under the radar. Therefore, in this post, we disclose brief information about average villa prices for rent and sale in the Meadows (as of May 2021).

First, let's reveal the rental prices, which depend on the villa type and furnishing. The type includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, private swimming pool availability, garden state, etc. the most property types and their rent prices (available on the rental market as of May 2021) are as follows:

  • Unfurnished 3-bedroom villas– from 190,000 AED/year; Furnished 3- bedroom villas – from 220,000 AED/year;
  • Unfurnished 3- bedroom villas with private swimming pool – from 225,000 AED/year;
  • Unfurnished 4- bedroom villas – from 200,000 AED/year; Furnished 4- bedroom villas – from 220,000 AED/year – 265,000 AED/year;
  • Unfurnished 5- bedroom villas with private swimming pool – from 225,000 AED/year;
  • Unfurnished 6- bedroom villas with private swimming pool – from 320,000 AED/year.

Second, let's look at the sale prices. Here, the price factors are the same but exclude the furnishing type. As of May-June, the sale prices are as follows:

  • 3- bedroom villas – from 3,600,000 AED;
  • 4- bedroom villas – from 3,900,000 AED;
  • 5- bedroom villas – from 5,400,000 AED;
  • 6- bedroom villas – from 6,200,000 AED.

And, of course, those with lake views have higher prices.

Rental trends in The Meadows

In general, here, properties show a positive rental trend. To be specific, if consider such index as rental price per square foot, villas in this area did not suffer a large decline during the year 2020. Moreover, since the beginning of the year 2021, rental prices here have faced a steady rise. To clarify, for the last 5 months, on average, prices went up by 7-8 percentage.

Also, our statistics show 4-bedroom villas to be the most demanded. Therefore, they have the largest increase in rental prices, which were steadily rising during 2020 and the first five months of 2021. Other villas rental prices show less increase but still follow the general trend.

In the second half of 2021, we expect a further price increase on the Meadows rental market.

Most Popular Communities In Meadows Dubai

The area comprises nine sub-communities. Each of them is gated, green, and family-oriented. Of course, the question about popularity is always a multi-way street. That is to say, it is the question about preferences and other criteria. In other words, it depends on what aspect to take into consideration.

So, let's analyze these sub-communities.

Meadows 1

The largest sub-community with the closest proximity to the Sheikh Zayed Road. The rent prices here are the lowest in the whole area, and the offerings here are the most extensive. Especially of 3-bedroom villas. Thus, this sub-community is highly sought-after by those tenants who want the shortest access to the main road and to enjoy lower rental prices.

Meadows 2

The second-largest sub-community. Shares with Meadows 1 the status of having the closest proximity to the Sheikh Zayed Road. Comprise 4 and 5-bedroom villas mostly. Most villas have swimming pools and, thus, higher rent prices. And, as with Meadows 1, this sub-community is popular among tenants who need larger villas and wants the shortest access to the main road.

Meadows 3 – 4

Nice small and medium-sized sub-communities located still not far away from the main road and in close proximity to the Montgomery Golf Club. Many of its villas have beautiful golf views and, thus, are highly appreciated by those who like playing golf or want to have short road access.

Meadows 5 – 8

Lake-sided communities. Offer mostly 4 to 6-bedroom villas with private swimming pools and stunning lake views. Therefore, these sub-communities are popular with tenants who value extra comfort and luxury lifestyle and are ready to pay for this. Here, villas available for rent are a rare thing as the demand here much greater than the supply. Perhaps, if considering the demand-supply ratio, these are the most popular.

Meadows 9

The third-largest housing development. Mostly offers 3 and 4-bedroom villas, though 5-bedroom villas are not uncommon as well. This sub-community has quick access to the Al Asayel Street. All these are the driving factors of its popularity.

To sum up, Meadows Dubai is highly family-oriented and most green suburban housing developments. That is why rental demand here is always high. We are sure, your tenants will highly appreciate this community and the conditions it provides for high-end living. Still, we understand finding the right tenants, dealing with tenants, and managing your rental villa could be tiring and exhausting. That is why we are here, ready to provide you with our dedicated assistance. Contact us to know more about how our property management services can benefit you.














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