Moving To A New Home In Dubai - Things You Should Know


Moving To A New Home In Dubai - Things You Should Know

23/05/2024, 14:55:19

Nothing can last forever. So, one day you may discover your want (or need) to change your location in Dubai or outside it. You start viewing new facilities that meet your needs, requirements, and budget. And, at last, you find the one that suits you. So, you sign your new tenancy agreement, say farewell to your previous landlord, and move to new home.

Well, could it be as easy and simple as we described above? Unfortunately, this picture is a dream. In contrast, reality is much more pragmatic and hedged (or predetermined) by rules and laws. Therefore, there are many things to do before you shift to a new home. In other words, you have some obligations to fulfill in order to avoid future troubles . In addition, you have some task to complete to prevent unnecessary future expenses.

In this post we will guide you through most important steps of moving out practice in Dubai. This aims to helpful for residential tenants. However, it could be of some use for commercial ones as well.

Inform your current landlord that you are moving out

The first thing to do is to notify your current landlord about your intention to cancel your tenancy agreement and vacate his premise.

By law, you must specify in your rental agreement details on move-out notice to be given in advance if required. Unlike a landlord, you, as a tenant, don't need to provide any reasons for canceling the contract. However, usually tenants inform their landlords at least 90 days before your move-out date.

To avoid any misunderstanding, your move-out notice should be clear and straightforward. For your convenience, we present here the full list of points to mention while writing the notice. So, it should include:

  • Your and your landlord full names
  • Your signature
  • Full address of the premise that is the subject of notification
  • Move out intention statement
  • Notification date
  • Move-out date
  • Security deposit refunding request with refunding details

Note, such a notice must be sent by registered mail in order to prevent future disputes between you and your landlord. In other words, any verbal messages or notification via social network and messengers are not legally binding.

But what can happen if you won't provide a move out notice in a proper way? In this case, your landlord has the right to charge you with complete annual rental amount on your contract conditions.

Leave Your Particulars in Good Order

One of your responsibilities as a tenant is to keep your home in its original condition. Therefore, when you decide to move out of the apartment, you need to accomplish all necessary paintings, cleaning, and repairs.

Typically, to avoid disputes and minimize every future troubles it is recommended to make an inventory list. Ideally, it covers every detail about the premise condition at the handover. So, it is wise to have a copy of this inventory list and check it to understand your tasks at the end of your staying.

For example, you might paint walls in another color while you were living there. However, unless you agreed on this point with your landlord, you will have to repaint the walls in their original colors. Moreover, you may need to paint the walls even if you didn't change their color at all. To clarify, you are likely to leave some traces in a sort of dirty spots and strokes on the walls. In addition, all paints are subject to fading over time. So, you need to refresh the apartment.

Comprehensive cleaning is another task to perform. You are to remove dust and debris out of the premise so future tenants can enjoy their moving-in as much as you did. Not to mention repairs, as you are liable for any damages you made during your staying.

Remember, that unless you return the premise original condition, your landlord will withhold your security deposit partially or in whole. This way he will cover his expenses to accomplish the task by himself.

Switch utility services

When the last month of your staying comes, it's time to arrange utilities deactivation In other words, you need to write them off from your name. Otherwise, you will have to continue paying for the utilities. Moreover, you will have to continue paying housing fees, a charge for renting by expatriates. It comes with utility bills and is 5% of your rental.

Switching off DEWA's utility services is as easy as a pie. Due to constant development of their services, now two de-activation schemes are available:

  • Move-out scheme,
  • Move-to scheme.

Move-out scheme is designed for those who intend to leave the country or move to another emirate. With this scheme your steps are following:

  • Submit an application for deactivation with move out date
  • Get and pay your final utility bill
  • Pay deactivation fees
  • Request your security deposit back
  • Get water and electricity deactivated and your security deposit back.

Move-to scheme is designed for those who are shifting to another premise within Dubai. This service enables you to deactivate your previous utilities and activate them in new location in one interaction point. In other words, it aims to transfer your utility bills to another flat or villa you will rent. With this scheme your steps are following:

  • Submit an application for transfer electricity and water with move-out and move-in dates
  • Get and pay your final utility bill
  • Pay deactivation fees for existing flat/villa
  • Pay activation fees for your new flat/villa
  • Get utilities and your security deposit transferred to new premise

Note, moving from flat to villa, you must pay security deposit difference in AED 2,000.00. In case with telecommunication services, your arrangements include:

  • Submit disconnection request with move out date
  • Get and pay your final bill
  • Request your security deposit back (if any)
  • Get the cable and Internet disconnected and your security deposit (if any) back

If you are moving to a premise where the same provider is available, you can request for transfer the services to new address.

Get your security deposit back

As your security deposit is refundable, you can expect your landlord to give it back to you at the end of your rent. Of course, you are eligible to get it back in whole only if you satisfy your lease terms:

  • Provide a proper move-out notice
  • Arrange the property in its original condition
  • Return all keys
  • Have no undue bills

If your landlord refuses to refund your security deposit though you are sure you satisfy all conditions, you may ask Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) for your rights protection.

As for DEWA's security deposit, you can get it back only if you have an original receipt. So, if you lose it, you lose your right to claim the deposit.

Well, if you are a landlord, all these questions are also important for you. It gives you a clue on what your tenants must and are to do. However, by hiring BSO for managing your property you may be sure your rights and your property are safe.














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