How Can I Rent My Apartment Quickly In Dubai?


How Can I Rent My Apartment Quickly In Dubai?

29/06/2024, 13:42:24

The common belief is only landlords desire to get into the rental deal in the shortest possible time as they lose their rental income otherwise. However, tenants often need such quick deals as well. So, now we put aside the question ‘How can I rent my house quickly?' and shift our focus to the question ‘How can I rent an apartment quickly?'

Of course, the shortest way is to contact the best rental agencies in Dubai. Such agencies have an extensive rental property network. Therefore, they help you find accommodation, reserve it, and get the lease in a winkle. However, even in this case, being aware of some important home-seeking aspects wouldn't go amiss. And this is twice as important if you search for an apartment on your own.

So, in this post, we discuss how to search for a suitable apartment, apply, and signing the lease.

Searching for a Suitable Apartment

The first step here is to make out your requirements, preferences, and limitations:

  • Rental budget (rental you can afford, the payment frequency);
  • Location (community) you target (for example, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, etc.);
  • Number of rooms you need;
  • Targeted furnishing (furnished, unfurnished, partly furnished)
  • Must-have and optional amenities (for example, laundry, swimming pool, etc.);
  • Special options you need (for example, the pet allowance if you have a pet).

Then, search online to shortlist the offers. Thanks to modern technologies, you can do your preliminary shortlisting remotely, using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, visit websites of at least two or three real estate agencies and browse their listings to catch as many options as you can.

Note, make sure the agency is RERA certified so as not getting in trouble with the lease later!

Typically, you can use various filters to narrow listings and focus on targeted options. For example, use such filters as:

  • Community;
  • Property type (apartment, villa, etc.);
  • Number of rooms;
  • Furnishing option;
  • Amenities;
  • Rental price;
  • Etc.

Explore descriptions and pictures provided for an apartment to get your first impression. This way, you can include it into your shortlist or not. Be aware that sometimes pictures may be misleading. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to verified listings first, so you can be sure the presentation is affirmed to be correct.

Also, you can measure the distance from the unit to a metro station, your workplace, or another location online using Google maps, for example. Moreover, you can check surroundings, including parks, stores, restaurants, and other places. This saves you a lot of time as you get a full picture of the unit location without the need to visit it on the spot. We, definitely, recommend this option!

After shortlisting a few rental units, contact estate agents to ask your questions and schedule a viewing on the spot. It is a good idea to start viewing with the units you rank top in your shortlist.

Preparing to Apply

So, now you have found an apartment that meets your requirements and limitations. You have discussed rental terms and conditions and have found them suitable for you. Now, it is time to apply for the lease.

Applying for rent is a simple but very responsible procedure. Its aim is to enable the agency to check and validate you as a tenant and secure the property.

To apply, you shall prepare and submit copies of the following documents:

  • Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals);
  • Residence Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals);
  • Emirates ID.

Typically, you also need to provide some proof of your paying capacity. It can be a bank statement or a copy of your labor contract. At last, you need to pay the security deposit. The deposit is refundable and usually is 5% of annual rent, though it can be higher for the furnished apartments. You will claim your security deposit back at the end of the lease and get it in full if you provide no causes for the deduction.

Do not forget to get the confirmation of paying a security deposit.

Signing the Lease

After you get verified for rent, the agency draws a tenancy agreement you both need to sign. To simplify tenancy relationships, the Dubai government developed a unified tenancy agreement template. However, some additional clauses are allowed.

Anyway, as it comes with every contract you sign, read carefully each and every clause of the tenancy agreement before putting your signature on it. The stipulations to pay your special attention to are:

  • Rental property address;
  • Lease start / end date;
  • Rental amount;
  • Terms of payment (frequency, due date, etc.);
  • Your and your landlord responsibilities regarding property maintenance and repair;
  • Stipulations concerning subletting and pet allowance (if it is necessary for you).

After signing the lease, do not forget to get your copy of the agreement.

Then, enjoy your new home!

At BSO, we assume landlord responsibilities bona fide. We incorporate advanced technologies to establish great flexibility and transparency in tenancy relationships.

Here, you get a personal account and can exploit its various functionalities. Starting from pulling your maintenance requests and ending with rating how much you are satisfied with our services.

Contact us to explore more about the options we provide.














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