What is City Walk Dubai? Everything you need to know


What is City Walk Dubai? Everything you need to know

20/06/2024, 13:42:23

City Walk Dubai is a luxury community that offers high life for its residents and beneficial rental opportunities for the landlords. Being still under development, it promises to be even more unique and luxury.

For you as a landlord, this means great interest from the tenants for your unit to rent. At BSO, we have both the knowledge and experience to highlight the valuable factors and manage your property for your greatest benefit.

Pros and cons of owning property in City Walk

Benefits here mostly cover your rental opportunities. Attractive to living in, with large-sized properties, it offers an opportunity to charge higher rental value compared with some other Dubai areas.

In addition, purchasing a property in this community may offer a wonderful residency opportunity. To clarify, according to Dubai immigration legislation, you can buy property in Dubai and get residency. But the property must be only in a freehold area. Fortunately, City Walk is a freehold area. Thus, if you buy here property of AED 5 million and over and meet other eligibility criteria, you can get a 5-year residency in the UAE.

Pros of owning property in City Walk relates only to higher unit prices, which means you need to invest more money when starting your rental business.

Properties In City Walk Dubai

Properties in City Walk mostly represented by apartments. However, here there are a few duplexes, penthouses, and even hotel apartments here. Also, in its northern part, there is The Galleria Villas condominium complex, which consists only of villas.

Being a luxury community, City Walk boasts a greater seize of its properties. For example, for one-bedroom apartments, the footing varies from about 950 sq. ft. to over 1,400 sq. ft., with about 1,200 sq. ft. on average. While a similar apartment in Downtown is of only 720 sq. ft. -1100 sq. ft.

Besides, the properties here have higher rental value than their neighbors. For example, the rental price of a one-bedroom apartment here starts from about 87,000 AED a year. To compare, these of Downtown is only 55,000 AED a year.

Benefits of renting in City Walk

If you have one of more apartments for rent in City Walk, you are lucky! That is to say, this is one of the most comprehensive urban community. Such a wonderful mix of urban life, art, excellent leisure, and even pleasant greens.

Being a luxury community, it attracts high-income tenants. Therefore, as a landlord, you can enjoy substantial rent value for your apartment. Besides, typically, there are few non-payment issues when renting out properties in City Walk.

At last, the community are still developing and has a great future.

Beaches Near City Walk

One of the biggest advantages of City Walk is its proximity to the beaches of Dubai. Definitely, even the busiest person seeks his chance to relax on beautiful clean beaches of Dubai.

To clarify, Al Urouba Road provides a quick connection and easy access to a beach-intensive experience. First, it leads to a calm, peaceful, and very natural Mercato Beach. Second, drive a few miles east along the Jumeirah beach road and you get to Jumeira Public Beach. Third, drive a few miles west instead and you get to luxury Jumeirah Beach.

Of course, we listed above only nearby beaches, but JBR Beach, Barasti Beach, Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, are also easy to reach.

City Walk for active lifestyle

City Walk provides easy access to active lifestyle amenities. The most prominent work-out, training, jogging, running, skating, and even ice-skating opportunities are listed below:

  • Ontario wellness ayurvedic centre;

  • Ideal Fit Center;

  • Dubai Ice Rink;

  • Business Bay Skate park;

  • AlKhazzan Park and Satwa Park. Moreover, after the completion of Central Park at City Walk, the area will provide its residents with numerous local active lifestyle opportunities. For example, they will provide:

  • Skate area;

  • Tennis and basketball courts;

  • Pools and outdoor gyms;

  • Running track and sports lawns.

Presence of Many Schools Around the Area

City Walk is a family-friendly community. To clarify, a lot of educational facilities is located nearby the area, starting from nurseries and ending with universities.

For example, there is a nice Honey Bee Nursery right in the community and over a dozen others in the nearest neighborhoods.

Moving further, the best school options here are as follows:

  • GEMS Wellignton Primary School;

  • Salma Al Ansaria Elementary School. At last, tenants whose children have graduated from school and seek further education opportunities will easily find one:

  • The Woolwich Institute;

  • Canadian University Dubai;

  • Westford School Of Management.

Transportation And Parking Spaces In City Walk

When considering private transportation, the drivers here enjoy non-overcrowded roads and vast parking spaces either free or paid. Besides, every residential building is equipped with underground parking.

So, the residents of this luxury community will not have any problems with overnight parking for their cars. We are sure, your tenants will appreciate this diver-friendly community.

Public Transportation In City Walk

When it comes to public transportation, City Walk shows itself at its best as well. To be specific, there are a lot of bus stops at the area perimeter plus a few of these located within walking distance in neighboring Al Wasl area. Besides being located near Downtown, the community has close proximity to the Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station.

So, one can always take a bus or metro and easily get to another Dubai area.

How To Get To City Walk Dubai?

Due to its beneficial location, it is very easy to get to City Walk from any other community.

For drivers, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Rd/D68 provide quick access to the area. In all cases, turn on to Happiness Street to get inside the community.

To get by Metro, take the Red Line till he reaches the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro Station. To get by bus, take C14, 28, 81 and 7 busses and ride till Dubai Petroleum Corporation 1 / 2 bus stops.

The Best Places To Try Out In City Walk Dubai

City Walk offers a large variety of entertainment amenities. So, its residents do not need even to leave it to distract from their routine and have a quality rest.

Here are the best places we recommend to try out:

  • The Green Planet to get familiar with various plants and animals;
  • City Walk shopping mall to enjoy shopping;
  • Coca-Cola Arena to attend their concerts, shows, sporting events, gala dinners;
  • Hub Zero Dubai to get into the amazing mix of real and virtual worlds;
  • Roxy Cinemas to get an amazing cinematic experience. So, no matter how high your potential tenants' expectations and preferences for living, moving, entertaining, and other opportunities, City Walk will get them covered. That's why we never have any difficulties in finding the right tenant for the properties we manage.

Reach us with any request regarding your property in City Walk. Whether it is just a finding-a-tenant task of full property management supervision, we will get you covered.


















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