Want To Buy Property In Dubai?


Want To Buy Property In Dubai?

09/07/2024, 13:42:25

The positive answer on the question is the right one. If you still hesitate whether to invest into the real estate in Dubai or not, let us reveal a few moments of great importance.

When investing, two things are worth to be considered:

  • Benefits promised
  • Risks involved

Purchasing property in Dubai gives you lots of benefits. First, it promises to be a profitable investment. For example, if you buy-to rent a real estate asset, you will have a good passive income as rental property is always in demand here. To make things easier, real estate asset management market is well developed in Dubai. Thus, with a reputable company such as BSO, you will have great landlord experience and no worries concerning your responsibilities and tenancy relationships. Moreover, investing in Dubai's real estate, you have a wonderful opportunity to get a golden visa in this advanced emirate.

Besides, purchasing property in Dubai has minimal risks, if no risks at all. Stability in economic and political situation, well-built system of real estate market regulation make such a transaction riskless.

Dubai Properties for sale

Dubai's real estate market supply is significant offering affordable units as well as luxury and ultra luxury ones. Villas and various types of apartments form the residential property whilst commercial real estate include the following unit types:

  • Office and co-working spaces
  • Show rooms, shops, and retails
  • Labor camps and staff accommodations
  • Hotel & hotel apartments
  • Business centers and factories
  • Etc

When seeking property to purchase in Dubai, keep in mind such a facet as a type of property ownership. To clarify, you have the option to buy on a leasehold or freehold basis. Leasehold terms allow you to occupy the unit for a period of 99 years, not providing the right to own the land it stands on and full control over the unit. For example, you can't rent such a unit out. Moreover, as soon the stated period is over, you will have to either renew the leasehold or return the unit to its owner. In contrast, freehold grants you the right to own a unit as well as the land it stays on absolutely. That is to say, you and your family can live here forever. Moreover, you can sell, rent out, and remodel the in-freehold unit whenever you wish.

Manage real estate assets locally and Internationally

As we mentioned above, your options of real estate management in Dubai differs depending on the ownership type. Therefore, pay attention to the area your targeted unit is located in.

Browse properties by Dubai areas

First of all, all areas in Dubai are divided into two types:

  • Freehold areas,
  • Leasehold (non-freehold) areas.

As you can understand from the names, each type prescribes the property ownership basis you will get if you buy a unit here. In other words, the Government of Dubai designates the areas for absolute property ownership or just for a kind of a long-term rent. Fortunately, the list of freehold areas is not limited to just a few ones, but include almost every part of Dubai.

Nevertheless, if your preferences involve other areas of Dubai, you can always consider leasehold areas as your option. Besides, it is worth to mention, sometimes there could be freehold projects even in leasehold areas.

Popular Areas of Dubai

Of course, a large choice of areas for residence can take you aback. So, here we will describe the most popular, most sought-after areas in Dubai to help you make your choice:

  • Dubai Marina
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Dubai Marina is one of the popular waterfront developments in Dubai. Numerous apartments as well as less counted villas of the area present a luxury real estate. Great for families and individuals who love urban lifestyle at one hand and water proximity at another.

Downtown Dubai is sometimes described as the heart of Dubai due to its Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The area can satisfy each and every taste as it has nice and gorgeous apartments in high-rises as well in buildings that are medium or even low. A modern area with true Arabian incrustation.

The world-known biggest man-crafted Island Palm Jumeirah doesn't need any introduction. Its high-end apartments, penthouses, and downhouses are worth every penny spent. The area is also favored for its waterfront views and yacht facilities. An ideal place for relax accommodation.

As it comes from its name, JBR is located waterfront. The area offers luxury-segmented units for residential use, mostly in form of apartments. It hasn't attached metro stations, but its well-developed tram system provides easy and fast access to the ones of JLT area.

JLT with its high-rising buildings and four man-crafted lakes is another popular place for living and working. Located between two metro stations, the area provides lots of real estate assets of every budget both for commercial and residential use. It could be a perfect choice to live for singles, couples, and small families as it offers a great variety of apartments but no villas at all.

Lifestyle in Dubai

A few decades age Dubai became the center of attraction for many people around the world. And it still increases its charm and the opportunities it provides for living, working, and running a business. How did Dubai manage to win hearts?

First, it is the city with the lowest criminal rate all over the world. Second, it is one of the most advanced, if not the most, city, and, of course, the most advanced emirate. Third, it strives to win the first place in almost every aspect:

  • High-rising buildings,
  • Man-crafted islands
  • Entertainment
  • Etc

To sum up, if you ever dreamed about living in this glorious country with a luxury lifestyle it offers due to lots of top-notch amenities and facilities, buying property in Dubai is your best option. At BSO we are happy to assist you in this task, leading you through all steps involved. Contact us right now and discuss the details.


















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