The Meadows Area Guide. Part 2


The Meadows Area Guide. Part 2

06/05/2024, 11:53:38

We continue to guide you on Meadows Dubai. In this post, we will analyze who lives in the area, its transportation options, and what amenities, educational and healthcare facilities the area provides. And, of course, we will touch pros and cons aspects of living here. We believe, this information will help you improve the right positioning of your rental property.

Who lives in The Meadows?

The ICP of the Meadows tenants is highly clear and explicit. First, these are large families, mostly with kids. Second, they love living far away from the City with is non-stopping fuss and buzz. Third, they tend to be close to nature and highly enjoy greens and lakes. Forth, they value the comfort of their dwelling place very much. At last, they have over-middle income and are solvent to afford to rent villas in this wonderful community.

Dubai Meadows for active lifestyle

Yes, it looks like Dubai Meadows invites its residents to lead an active life. We are sure, your tenants will highly appreciate sport facilities the area provides:

  • Fitness First Town Center, with gyms, tennis courts, and swimming pool;
  • Open-air tennis court and swimming pools;
  • Cozy paths for walking and jogging activities.

Moreover, Golf-plyers will be delighted to find Montgomery Golf Club located nearby the area, in Emirates Hills.

Transportation And Parking Spaces In Meadows Dubai

One of the advantages of properties in Meadow Dubai is these villas are not only spacious to live in but have one or even two parking spaces. Indeed, here, the residents intensively exploit car driving. However, as with all gated communities, traffic is not as intensive here as in Downtown, for example.

When it comes to transportation, one has just two options to get to the destination in another area directly from one of Meadow sub-communities – either by car or by bus. In other words, the nearest Metro Station is located in Dubai Marina within a 9-minute drive from the Meadows. Fortunately, bus stops are located on the main roads and, thus, are regarded as convenient moving solutions.

Commute times by car from The Meadows

Of course, due to its close proximity to the Sheikh Zayed Road, it becomes highly convenient to get to any part of Dubai by car. So, here, we provide commute times to some highlighted destinations:

  • Dubai Marina Mall or Emirates Hospital Clinic in Dubai Marina – 10-12 min.;
  • Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha – 17-20 min.;
  • Expo 2020 in Dubai Investment park – 19-20 min.;
  • The Dubai Mall in Downtown – 20-25 min.;
  • Dubai International Airport – 28-30 min.

Amenities, Schools, And Healthcare

Why the area attracts so many tenants to reside? One of the answers is it has easy access to numerous amenities, better schools, and healthcare facilities.

To be more specific, the area is well-equipped with anything one needs to reside and enjoy one's life. There are swimming pools, gyms, parks, and playgrounds in each sub-community. And, of course, the area provides shopping and dining facilities as well. For example, its residents can visit the Town Centre, a Meadows souk with a large supermarket, numerous beauty salons, shops, stores, and cafes

If your tenants are a family with school-aged children, they can enjoy the area-based Emirates International School Meadows. The school rates very high among all educational entities in Dubai. Besides, your tenants will have a lot of nearby school options to enroll their kids. For example, it can be:

  • Dubai British School in Springs;
  • Dubai International Academy in Emirates Hills;
  • Dubai British Foundation in Jumeirah Islands;
  • Arcadia School in Jumeirah Village;
  • Dubai British School in Jumeirah Park.

For healthcare facilities, the area has Mediclinic Meadows located right in the area and nearby Al Das Medical Clinic. Also, there are many other dental and healthcare facilities within just a 10-15-minute drive.

Pros and cons of living in The Meadows

To sum up, the Meadows is almost all about the pros. And we are sure if the tenant is looking for comfortable suburban living, this is one of the best places to reside in.

First, it has an advantageous location far away from the city noise and fuss but still near to the main city hubs. For example, near Dubai Marina and the Internet City. Second, one of its distinguished features is being a fully green area with beautiful lakes. Also, as the area comprise only gated communities, it offers absolute safety for its resident. Then, its well-developed communities provide high-end facilities and amenities to enrich the lifestyle. At last, its large-plotted villas with nice gardens or even private swimming pools provide exceptional comfort and privacy for the residents.

Of course, a common thing to consider when dealing with gated suburban communities is the lack of public transportation within the area. On the other hand, each community is well-equipped for pleasant living and the essential facilities are within the walking distance. Therefore, this aspect is not decisive and could not diminish the overall positive impression of the area.

In fact, the way the rental property is managed is more important. Fortunately, with our extensive vendor network and deep proficiency in the rental business, we can help you to succeed. Contact us to explore more and subscribe to our services.














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