The Lifestyle in Dubai Downtown


The Lifestyle in Dubai Downtown

24/05/2024, 14:55:13

Dubai Downtown is often regarded as a key area for young enthusiasts. Indeed, it is a wonderful mix of Arabic and international culture, excellent business and job opportunities, and close proximity to Dubai highlights and famous attractions.

For you as a landlord, this means you have plenty of opportunities to find a tenant for your apartment or villa located in this area.

At BSO, we will catalyze your opportunities and convert them into a beneficial lease deal. Also, partnering with the most experienced property lawyers in Dubai, we will help you to settle all the issues with your tenants.

Pros and cons of living in Dubai Downtown

Of course, like any other areas, Dubai Downtown has its pros and cons. Being the center of the city, the area is often considered as an ideal location. First, because it is the heart of the city. Second, because it benefits its residents with developed infrastructure, proximity to all necessary amenities, and high-quality service appropriate for the highest standards of living,

However, tenants who prefer a calm and moderate pace of life will not turn their heads to this community. To clarify, here they will always be surrounded by big crowds of tourists and have to face a large amount of fuss.

We are sure, having a rental property in Dubai Downtown, you target the first tenant category while leaving aside the second one.

Benefits of renting in Dubai Downtown

Apartments for rent in Dubai Downtown are always in high demand. And there are at least three reasons for this.

  • First, it is highly prestigious to live in the center of Dubai;
  • Second, the area offers an affordable price-quality ratio;
  • Third, it attracts tenants with its compact and elaborate planning and highly developed infrastructure both for business people, tenants with families, and even pet owners.

Proximity To Main Business Hubs

Dubai boasts being one of the most essential world business centers. To go deeper, Dubai Downtown benefits its residents with wonderful proximity to the most important business hubs. Indeed, nowadays Business Bay is one of the trendiest and the most fashionable areas for commerce. This hub is able to compete with such famous business areas as Manhattan in the New-York city!

Located closely to Business Bay, the area provides all that can be necessary for the entrepreneurs' needs. Definitely, the opportunity to live nearby attracts a great number of business persons. And we can help you find the most reliable of them and make your greatest rental deal.

A Pet-Friendly Neighborhood

The area is pet-friendly and, thus, suitable for pet owners. For example, Burj Park is a nice place to spend time either with small puppies or mature dogs. The huge territory of the park enables pet owners to organize long walks there.

Besides, many communities allow their residents to keep pets. However, permits for having a pet-friend are still required.

So, you may attract more tenants when targeting pet owners as well. However, there are a few considerations here:

  • Your property should be located in one of the communities that allow pet accommodation;
  • You should be ready to rent your villa or apartment to tenants with pets.

Dubai Downtown for active lifestyle

The active lifestyle adepts will find here or in a close neighborhood a lot of recreation opportunities for running, jogging, walking, skating, etc. Moreover, it offers incredible ice-skating amenities! But let's be specific and provide a few examples:

  • Burj Park has a 5-km running track, and, thus a great pleasure of running, walking, or jogging;
  • Business Bay Skate park, which is nearby the area provides wonderful skating facilities;
  • And, of course, the Dubai Ice Rink offers amazing winter sports facilities and unforgettable experience of ice skating on real ice.

A Family-Friendly Community

The neighborhood invites moving there with all family members. The infrastructure of the area provides all the facilities and amenities that a family with children requires. For example, tenants with babies and toddlers love to visit Kid's Castle. Indeed, it is great to take advantage of an opportunity to have fun without the need to go far from home.

Besides, here, there is a lot of nurseries, with Blossom Downtown Nurseries network as a good example.

At last, the transportation system also complies with family-living requirements. Public transport can quickly deliver the area residents to their targeted destination.

Cons of living in Dubai Downtown

To start with, the area has a small number of disadvantages. To end with, in many respects, these are not disadvantageous for you as a landlord and just have little to consider for your potential tenants.

Lack of schools

Yes, there are no schools in Dubai Downtown. This can be a great concern for those of your potential tenants who have a school-aged child.

However, we are sure this challenge is quite easy to overcome. To clarify, there a lot of schools with good ratings in nearby districts. For example:

  • Horizon English School;
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School;
  • GEMS Wellington Primary School;
  • JSS Private School;
  • Jumeirah College. With well-developed transportation links, your tenants will not face any troubles to reach any of these schools.

Limited Options For Villas

Indeed, regarding villas, the choice is limited in the area. For example, as of the moment of publishing this post, there aren't even two dozen offers on the market.

However, if you own a villa, you definitely consider this con as a great advantage. To clarify, fewer offers means lower competition. And, thus, you can greatly benefit when renting your villa out. Especially, if you apply for our tenant-finding services or package property management, which includes this service as well.

Still, villa owners are not the only ones who will benefit with BSO assistance. If you have an apartment in Dubai Downtown, you will also enjoy a hassle-free landlordship whilst giving away all the boring duties and your landlord routine to us.

Contact us to get a property management service that covers your needs at its best.














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