Living in Emirates Hills, everything you need to know


Living in Emirates Hills, everything you need to know

04/07/2024, 13:42:23

Living in Dubai is great. And here, Emirates Hills stands out from other residential areas with its luxury lifestyle. That's why we often have requests for villas for rent in this wonderful community. So, if you have such a villa and entrust its management to us, we will find a tenant in Emirates Hills very quickly. And then, the only formality to remain is a property handover procedure. But be sure, at BSO, we arrange and complete this formality in a wink without your personal involvement.

The benefits of living in the Emirates Hills area:

Typically, it takes us short to rent a house in Emirates Hills. Partly, because we are great professionals. And partly, because there are so many benefits living here provides and there are so many tenants who seek these benefits.

Utmost exclusive luxury

The community offers the best of high-life in Dubai.

  • First, being a gated community, it provides not only the highest security but enables its residents to enjoy the highest level of privacy even when walking on its streets.

  • Second, tenants who want to have a large space to live love Emirates Hills. Because this is what the community provides. That is to say, this is what your villa will provide them with.

  • Third, those who want to live in an atmosphere of luxury mixed with exclusivity rent villas here because of their rich interiors. Ad we are sure, the interior of your villa deserves to be spoken about as worthy of kings. Luxury furniture. Luxury interior finishing. All this will definitely appeal to the tenant to make the choice.

The lovely neighborhood

Emirate Hills looks like a diamond, encrusted in gold of the highest carat. To clarify, the community is surrounded by Meadows, Springs, Hattans and other communities of the Lake. And with Jumeirah Islands followed by Jumeirah Park at a close distance.

So, here, there are a lot of fitness centers, restraints, restaurants, etc. So, if one misses something in Emirates Hills, they can definitely find it in a close neighborhood.

The abundance of schools

As a family-friendly community, it provides plenty of options for the education and care of the children.

To those who have kids of school age, the community appeals with a wide range of educational institutions:

  • Emirates International School Meadows;

  • Dubai British School;

  • Regent International School;

  • Dubai International Academy. To those who have a baby, toddler, or a kid of pre-school or foundation age, the community provides a lot of spaces for care and early learning. For example:

  • Raffles Nursery Emirates;

  • Jade's Nursery;

  • Dubai British Foundation;

  • Amity Pre-School.

The stunning golf courses

Every golfer has surely heard about Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai, Address Montgomerie, the luxurious golfing destination. The club provides excellent facilities and meets the highest expectations of even the most sophisticated player. Its championship course is elaborately designed and maintained at the highest level. Its tournaments are famous far beyond the UAE.

For those who are just at the beginning of mastering the wisdom of golf or want to introduce it at its best to their family or kids, the club has its Academy that runs dedicated coaching for various groups. The academy course is no less luxurious, challenging, and inspiring with its views as a championship one.

The place where celebrities reside

Sometimes tenants also consider this point when making their choice. To clarify, it is great to know some famous personalities opt for this community. This is like additional evidence of the high status the community has. After all, celebrities won't live in the middle of anywhere!

Besides, isn't it great to share the same community with a great personality? Yes, exactly!

Cons of Living in Emirates Hills:

One may say Emirates Hills as a community have some drawbacks. Typically, the two only reasons these ones can typically provide are high prices and no public transportation. However, to tell the truth, we do not actually see these arguments as disadvantages. On the contrary, we truly believe them to be great benefits!

But let's be specific.

The high prices

Yes, in Emirates Hills, houses do not belong to an affordable segment of the market. First, because they are villas, which rent always cost higher than apartments. Second, because these houses provide larger space to live, along with greater luxury in their finishing and furnishing. Third, because they are located in the most prestigious gated community and free-hold area with pleasant views.

So, yes, living here accentuates the high status of the resident.

Fewer transportation links

Yes, there is no public transportation here. No metro. No buses. Nothing of all this everywhere scurrying public vehicles.

And, yes, this is actually great! Calm instead of noise and buzz. Cleaner air. And no need to share the space with strangers.

Some things to consider before moving to Emirates Hills

While it is easy to find a tenant, it is always necessary to make sure he will not be a cause of the nightmare. That's why we always give tenants a full picture to help them make their final decision while screening carefully them at the same time. For example, here are the things we believe to be important:

  • A tenant should plan his rent budget a year ahead. While the power of one-cheque payment is a relief from the rent payment hassles for the whole year, some tenants may opt for two- or three-cheque payment. And here, the need to maintain sufficient funds in their bank account in the future arises. So, we strive to make sure they can manage it.
  • A tenant should think closely about the desired location of his residence. For example, if they have children, they may prefer to live somewhere closer to school. This significantly reduces the risk of having them changed their mind and looking for another house in the middle of the tenancy contract.

So, at BSO, we strive to ensure a trouble-free tenancy relationship for our clients. Reach us if you have a property for rent home in Emirates Hills. Sign a property management contract with us. And, then, we will do all the rest.














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