Jumeirah Park Area Guide


Jumeirah Park Area Guide

06/04/2024, 15:57:40

Jumeirah Park is a wonderful development that offers luxury living. One of the benefits of having rental properties in this area is you are dealing with high-income tenants. That is to say, this minimizes the risks of cheque bounce and even provides longer tenancy contracts. At BSO, we can facilitate your rental business due to our exceptional experience in property management and a large vendor and partner network.

Properties for rent and sale in Jumeirah Park

The community is oriented on family living and, thus, offers only villas. The property prices here are larger than average villas in Dubai. To help you have some reference points about the current rent or sale market depth, we present the prices below (as of April).

Rent prices here start from:

  • AED 165,000.00 – AED 190,000.00 / year for 3-bedroom villas;
  • AED 180,000.00 – AED 195,000.00 / year for 4-bedroom villas;
  • AED 260,000.00 – AED 295,000.00 / year for 5-bedroom villas.

Buy prices here start from:

  • AED 2,950,000.00 – AED 3,100,000.00 for 3-bedroom villas;
  • AED 3,350,000.00 – AED 3,460,000.00 for 4-bedroom villas;
  • AED 5,350,000.00 – AED 6,000,000.00 for 5-bedroom villas,

What are properties like in Jumeirah Park?

As you can see, in Jumeirah Park, there are 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas. These villas differ in their exterior design theme:

  • French-styled Heritage villas;
  • Regional villas, which have the traditional Arabic architecture;
  • Legacy and Legacy Nova villas, which distinguish themselves with Spanish red-tiled roofs.

All the properties are detached and have a garage with 2-car parking slots, a terrace, and green yards. Small villas go without any swimming pool while bigger ones always have such one. However, the phrase “a small villa” will not mislead your tenants. To clarify, while the units differ by their facilities, each of them is more spacious than on average in Dubai.

In fact, tenants opt for Jumeirah Park villas because these units offer utmost privacy and luxury living. Due to their recent construction and well-organized maintenance, such properties are in their top condition. In other words, these villas pose minimum issues for rental disputes. But even if such issues occur, BSO has highly proficient property lawyers to settle the dispute quickly.

Benefits of living in Jumeirah Park

Of course, the area is famous for its family-friendliness and luxury properties, both in their spaces and finishes. However, these are not the only benefits of living in Jumeirah Park. Indeed, tenants with large families turn their heads to this community because of its wonderful mix of quiet neighborhood and its prime location near the city.

Convenience and Quality of Living

The development is located right near Garn Al Sabkha St / D59 and Sheikh Zayed Road. To clarify, the latter provides quick access to the city and, thus, makes the area location beneficial with its close proximity. Living in Jumeirah Park, your tenants can enjoy living in a quiet, peaceful, and very greenish suburb. Enjoy low noise levels around them. At last, enjoy fresher air both due to the low traffic and a lot of trees, bushes, and grass within the community. Still, if they would like to have some entertainment, they need to take just a few-minute drive to get to the city.

Jumeirah Park for an active lifestyle

Jumeriah Park is not just a random name. On the contrary, this name reflects its park-intensive nature. Indeed, the community is surrounded by numerous parks. More than ten in total. Some have only kids' playgrounds and cozy benches to sit and relax. But most of these parks are nice facilities for leading an active lifestyle. They have nice jogging tracks. Moreover, they are excellent for cycling. Definitely, outdoor sport facilities are of the great level here.

Besides, there are a full-sized tennis court in the area and a wonderful clubhouse and Jumeirah Park Leisure Centre. Here the residents will find a good swimming pool, gyms, and plenty of other fitness activities.

At last, it is worth mentioning the pet-friendly nature of Jumeriah Park. It is both about its villas to live in with pets and a great number of its parks to walk and play with pets.

Better Schools

One of the best schools in Dubai is located right within this community. Yes, we are talking about Dubai British School. Those your tenants who have primary or secondary-aged children will definitely appreciate an opportunity to enter a well-established school with the world-reputed British curriculum to study. Indeed, the curriculum provides great knowledge and skills, which is of utmost importance for further, higher, education.

Moreover, the area provides facilities not only for general education but for art education as well. To clarify, families with art-interested kids will have everything they need to develop and improve their art skills in Dubai Performing Arts Academy.

Cons of living in Jumeirah Park

Being a truly residential community, Jumeirah Park poses some restrictions for those who adore to go clubbing or needs extra mall and restaurant facilities to entertain themselves. To tell the truth, we hardly think them to be really cons of living in the area. Just things to consider.

In fact, at the end of the day, Dubai may make its residents a bit tired of its on-going buzzle and fuss. And, based on our experience, tenants with families perfectly understand the pleasure of living in a quiet place where they can easily relax and have a rest when they come home. After all, there are so many entertainment options within a 10-minute drive distance from this development.

Public transport in Jumeirah Park

Perhaps, lack of public transportation in Jumeirah Park may challenge. To clarify, the nearest metro station, DMCC, is located within a 5-minute drive. Also, there is no bus stop in or right near the community.

However, this doesn't seem to be a great challenge for your tenants if they really consider making Jumeirah Park their home. First, because, lack of public transportation means lack of associated noise pollution. Second, because this is a community designed for high-income families. And typically, such families have at least one vehicle, which offers greater move-around flexibility than any bus or metro options.

To sum up, Jumeirah Park is a highly attractive residential community. At BSO, we often have requests from tenants regarding this area. So, we will have no difficulty in finding a tenant for your here-located villa. Subscribe to our property management services. Thus, you will enjoy the bright side of the rental business (aka rent payments) and get rid of its dark side (aka maintenance and other rental-related tasks and issues).


















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