How to find good tenants for your apartment in Dubai?


How to find good tenants for your apartment in Dubai?

25/06/2024, 13:42:26

You have property in Dubai that is vacant. What can you do with it? Of course, have it rented out to generate income. What do you need then? You must find a tenant to rent you property. Let's say you are able to find one. Are you sure that's the right tenant for your property? Finding tenants for rental property can be dreadful if you are not prepared. Check some tips below to verify if you have found the one for you:

  1. Know your prospect tenant's personal background and rent history Every landlord must have a guideline on what they are looking for a tenant. Names of the occupants and their contact details must be retrieved. You must also check their criminal background just to be on the safe side. You don't want to receive calls from the neighbors complaining about your tenant, right? You may also ask why the tenant's looking for a new place to stay. This is for you to identify if the tenant can rent long term or not.

  2. Check the tenant's financial stability This should be a no-brainer task from the landlord. Obviously, you need to know if your prospect tenant is capable of paying rent. You may check where they are working and what their position is. By knowing their profession, you can understand if rent can be paid on time. You may also check their credit history if they have good track record. It gives you an assurance knowing that tenants pay their bills on time.

  3. Seek assistance from professionals If you are having a hard time knowing your tenant's background, check with professionals. What we mean is you can ask real estate companies to assist you. But it comes with a price, literally spending cash. However, it seems to be the most viable option for landlords. Those who have few understanding in screening tenants or lack time can benefit it. There is a wide array of real estate companies that provide such services. And there are also property management service providers that do the same.

  4. Best Rental Agencies Opting for real estate agencies is not a bad choice for landlords. For as long as you have the budget, you can ask them for help. But, most of them will only look for possible tenants for you. Right after signing the tenancy contract, who will handle tenant's concerns right? It will all go back to the landlord. The best option is to get property management services. And which company provides it in Dubai? It is BSO Real Estate Management.

BSO not only assist landlords find tenants, we also have other services to offer. Services include rental collection, maintenance supervision, legal assistance for rent issues, and many more. All services stated above and more are available for only AED 500 per month. For an all-in-one property management service, BSO Real Estate Management is the right choice.














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