Everything you need to know about handover checklist

Everything you need to know about handover checklist

Every tenancy agreement contains list of certain responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. One of the most important is returning the property unit in acceptable conditions. To avoid complications during the take over of the unit it is recommended to have an inventory checklist signed. It will help in recording property conditions at the time of hand over.

Here are some tips on how to make your inventory checklist simple and perfect:

  • Walls, flooring and all window

List all scratches and marks on the walls, broken tiles on the floor, amount and condition of mosquito nets attached to windows, amount of working lighting bulbs in the unit.

  • Painting

Specify the quality and brand of the paint.

  • Furniture list

Furnished units should have a separate list of all items with photos.

  • Keys, access cards and remotes

Count all cards, keys and remotes that are given to the tenant at the time of hand over.

  • Take over schedule

Clarify all take over procedures during the hand over in order to have them scheduled when thetime comes.

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