Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide


Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

02/06/2024, 14:55:13

As an expert of the real estate market, we would like to pay attention to the Dubai Hills Estate area now. That's why we present here a complete guide to clarify all your opportunities and limitations when renting out your property located in this area.

Being designed as a luxury community, it attracts tenants of high and above middle income. And this is one of your opportunities as a landlord. Still bounced cheques happen. Fortunately, at BSO, we know how to deal with a cheque bounce issue. As well as with many other hazards you may be (now or potentially) involved in as a landlord. So, with us, you will have a little to worry about.

But let's return to Dubai Hills and discuss it in detail.

Pros and cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate

While we feel a great passion for Dubai Hills Estate, we should be objective to disclose its good and not-so-good sides.

First, Dubai Hills offers the following advantages:

  • Pleasure of living in a new luxury town, which is nicely quiet and peaceful,

  • Presence of many schools around the area to join,

  • The community provides a lot of facilities for the active lifestyle. As for and not-so-good sides of Dubai Hills, we don't call them cons. However, the following aspects may be of certain concern for some tenants or are wrongly rumored and, thus, should be clarified:

  • Lack of public transport

  • Noise issues from on-going construction So, read further to discover more about all these aspects.

Benefits of renting in Dubai Hills

Offering your apartments for rent in Dubai Hills Estate, you don't have to face such fierce competition as you would do in other areas. Partly, this is because of the lower building density in Dubai Hills. Partly, this is because the demand for these luxury properties is really great.

Moreover, while apartments in many other areas suffer from declines in rental prices, rental properties in this top-rated community do not lose their positions. This is especially true for two-and-more bedroom apartments. Though one-bedroom apartments are also able to bring you good income.

A Town Within the City

Indeed, Dubai Hills Estate is really a small town near to the MBR City. And it fully lives up to its name, Estate.

Its 11 million square feet are perfectly planned and include everything one needs to lead a luxury and leisure lifestyle. Its location enables its residents to enjoy the greenery and plenty of open spaces while still being able to observe the beauty of tall skyscrapers build in other communities.

Your tenants will find here or nearby all facilities and amenities required for a rich and healthy life.

Quiet and peaceful

Dubai Hills Estate benefits its residents with the absence of business fuss here and all the noise it is accompanied by. Indeed, there is no heavy traffic on the roads, no congestion. As a result, there is no car-produced noise.

So, if your tenants want to live in a quiet place, Dubai Hills is one of the best communities in this regard.

Dubai Hills for active lifestyle

As a self-efficient community, Dubai Hills already provides a lot of opportunities for the active lifestyle. If your tenants are active, they can find something they like the best:

  • Playing golf on an 18-hole golf course at Dubai Hills Golf Club;
  • Swimming in numerous swimming pools;
  • Playing basketball in Dubai Hills Park or multi-function courts available in at least five districts of the community;
  • Skating in Dubai Hills Skatepark;
  • Playing tennis on full-size tennis courts and even playing padel tennis on a padel tennis court at Dubai Hills Park or the aforementioned multi-function courts;
  • And, of course, walking, jogging, cycling, etc.

Yes, it seems the motto “stay active and health” is not just the simple words here!

Presence of many schools around the area

For families with children, there are plenty of schools nearby to join. Each of them offers a curriculum that aims to unleash the potential of its pupils both in educational and practical aspects.

Here are just a few examples of schools located in the nearest locations:

  • Kings' School Al Barsha;
  • GEMS International School;
  • GEMS New Millennium School;
  • Dwight School Dubai;
  • Repton Al Barsha;
  • Smart Vision School Dubai;
  • Credence High School, etc. Thus, tenants with school-aged children have many educational options to choose from.

Cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate

Are there really any cons of Dubai Hills Estate as a community to reside in? Well, perhaps, just some minor considerations.

Lack of public transport

At the moment, one of the area drawbacks is the absence of public transport. Indeed, there are neither metro stations nor bus stops to move around the community or reach other areas. The only option to do this if not using one's own vehicle is to take a taxi.

However, the community is still developing. In the near future, it is planned to run a bus line for more intensive connection of the district with other areas of Dubai. Then, there will be enough bus stops all over Dubai Hills Estate to move around.

Besides, tenants who want to live in such luxury community as Dubai Hills Estate is likely to be used to riding their own transportation rather than catching a public one.

Hence, we are sure, lack of public transportation couldn't be regarded as a major factor by your prospective tenants.

What are noise levels like in Dubai Hills Estate?

Sometimes, some parts of Dubai Hills Estate may experience noise issues during a day now. This is because there are some (but now just a few) on-going constructions in some of its parts.

To tell the truth, if your rental properties aren't located near the construction spots, you and your tenants have nothing to worry about. To go further, the area will be totally completed within this year. So, very soon construction noise will not be an issue anymore for any locations within the district.

To conclude, there is no true disadvantage of the area to scare tenants away. On the contrary, Dubai Hills Estate is regarded as the hottest and the newest place to live.

Still, do not forget the loyalty of your tenants depends not only on the conditions the community provides. To clarify, it also depends on proper management of the villa or apartment they live in. Yes, your landlord's responsibilities require your time and effort. A way out here is to give them away to professionals. When you sign a property management contract with BSO, you will get all your time and effort at your disposal. While we will do all the landlord's work for you.














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