Bluewaters Area Guide


Bluewaters Area Guide

25/03/2024, 15:57:40

Bluewaters Island is a luxury leisure-friendly area. Owning a property in Bluewaters, you are a happy owner of rental units that are highly attractive to tenants but limited in numbers.

At BSO, we can help you run your rental business without much involvement on your part. When signing a property management contract with us, you delegate to us all the tasks related to your rental business. To clarify, it starts from finding a tenant, goes through property maintenance, and even goes as far as resolving a rental dispute.

Properties to rent on Bluewaters Island

There are only 10 residential buildings, 17 townhouses, and 4 penthouses in the community with near 750 residences in total. Plus, you may be lucky to own one or more serviced apartments in the Caesars hotels on the Island.

On average, the competition is medium here. For example, there are about:

  • 1-bedroom residence – 20-22 units;
  • 2-bedroom residence – 27-30 units;
  • 3-bedroom residence – 22-25 units;
  • 4-bedroom residence – 6-8 units;
  • Hotel apartment – 1-2 units;
  • Townhouse – 1 or none units.

At the moment, the rental prices in the community start from:

  • 125,000 AED/year for a 1-bedroom apartment or hotel apartment;
  • 180,000 AED/year for a 2-bedroom apartment;
  • 260,000 AED/year for a 3-bedroom apartment;
  • 330,000 AED/year for a 4-bedroom apartment;
  • 1,100,000 AED/year for a townhouse.

Pros and cons of living in Bluewaters

Living in Bluewaters has a lot of advantages. And that is why apartments for rent in Bluewaters is so much high in demand.

First, this is the prime waterfront location of the island. Besides, while enjoying living at the seaside, its residents still have quick and hassle-free access to the mainland. At last, the area offers many opportunities, facilities and amenities for entertainment, shopping, dining, and even an active lifestyle.

When it comes to the cons of living in Bluewaters, it comes only to its being a highly popular tourist destination. This may cause some inconvenience to those who prefer a little more secluded peace of life. However, we don't think such persons to be your prospective tenants. On the contrary, your prospective tenants are those who love the vibrant life of Bluewaters.

Resort Lifestyle By The Seaside

Bluewaters Island is a lovely community for those who want to indulge in the pleasure of living right near the seaside. Indeed, tenants who appreciate the resort lifestyle choose rents in Bluewaters for its beneficial beachfront development.

Here, they enjoy living in apartments or townhouses that provide stunning sea views. Definitely, it is so exciting to have a luxury opportunity to break their fast or dine while observing the beauty of the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Besides, they enjoy free access to one of the beautiful private beaches of Dubai. The access is available only for the residents of this noble community, which is also able to offer a lot of other entertainment and relaxation opportunities.

Most Popular Locations In Bluewaters Island

Of course, when it comes to Bluwaters Island, it comes to the most popular tourist attractions, Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel. Famous for its height (250m tall) and capacity (48 capsules, up to 1,900 visitors), the Wheel got the name Dubai Eye.

Indeed, Ain Dubai is 48 wonderful minutes of observing all the Beaty of Dubai. The nearby areas such as Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers are especially clearly visible from this Ferris Wheel.

Another popular location here is the Rotunda Caesars Palace. This is a great arena that hosts many shows, concerts, and exhibitions. Indeed, this is a great place for a leisurely pastime and high-quality amusement.

Schools Nearby Bluewaters Island

Typically, Bluewaters is more for a staycation and restful living rather than intensive working and education. However, there are plenty of schools in nearby areas of Dubai. Here is the list of the closest educational institutions with good ratings and great curriculums:

  • Arcadia School in District 9;
  • Dubai British School in Jumeirah Park;
  • Emirates International School in Meadows.

Each of the aforementioned school is within 8-11 minutes away. So, families with schoolers also their educational options while living here.

Transportation And Parking Spaces In Bluewaters Island Bluewaters is a small island with all its units and locations within a walking distance. Therefore, it doesn't require public transportation to move within the area. Of course, there are perfect roads and underground tunnel here, so the drivers always have their option.

Also, here, there is an elaborate transportation system, Bluewaters Group Rapid Transport. This is a network of 25 driverless vehicles that deliver their passengers to many locations within the area.

As for parking spaces, there are at least two underground parking of about 2,000 car capacity. Therefore, tenants with cars will never have any difficulties with parking both during the day or night.

How to Get To Bluewaters Island? Currently, there are at least three options to get to Bluewaters Island directly.

First, by ferry. The Bluewaters Marine Transport Station, a ferry terminal, provides easy access to water transportation. From there, one can get to Dubai Marina within just a few dozen minutes, while enjoying the cruise during the whole route.

Second, by car. When driving, one needs to ride to the road junction of Garn Al Sabkhla and Sheikh Zayed Roads towards Abu Dhabi. When reaching, to take Exit 31 towards Al Azraq Street. Then, the route goes via a private bridge that connects the island to the highway.

Third, on foot. A wonderful pedestrian bridge connects the area with JBR, Dubai Marina. It takes only 3-4 minutes to get to JBR.

How to get to Bluewaters Island via Metro? It is very easy to get to Bluewaters Island via Dubai Metro. Though there is no Metro Station right in the area, the Island is conveniently located near DMCC Metro Station of Dubai Metro Red Line. Then, it takes just 5-6 minutes to get to the area from the station on foot.

To sum up. Bluewaters Island is a wonderful luxury area to have properties for rent. It has numerous access options and offers a high-end seaside lifestyle.

There are only two things you need to successfully run your rental business. First, trouble-free tenants. Second, professional management of the property that relieves you from your landlord routine. At BSO, we will provide you with both. So, contact us to discuss your options and subscribe to our property management services.














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