Investing in Dubai Real Estate: Quck Guide

Explore the lucrative opportunities of investing in Dubai’s real estate market. Understand the dynamics of apartment prices, learn about popular residential areas, and get tips for buying an apartment in Dubai.

A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Dubai Real Estate

09/05/2024, 11:54:30

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and innovation, offers a wealth of opportunities for real estate investment. With its blend of Eastern opulence and cutting-edge technology, Dubai provides everything needed for a high standard of living. From designer boutiques and resort areas to a well-developed infrastructure, residential complexes, and towering skyscrapers, Dubai has it all. These amenities attract a diverse range of people, from tourists and business professionals to long-term residents, making rental properties a lucrative investment. However, to maximize your return on investment, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of apartment prices in Dubai.

Understanding Apartment Prices: A Key to Successful Investment

A detailed analysis of apartment prices and their fluctuations in Dubai can help you make an informed decision and choose the most profitable investment for a steady income from real estate.

Small studios and one-bedroom apartments are always in demand, making them a liquid asset and a popular choice among investors. However, the rapid development of the construction sector can lead to an oversupply of these types of properties. While this isn’t ideal for landlords, it can be advantageous for prospective buyers. In a market with reduced demand for smaller properties, you may be able to secure a lower mortgage rate.

Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Investing in Dubai real estate is attractive due to its high return potential, but it does come with its share of challenges and risks. Successful real estate ownership requires constant rental at a competitive market value, cost optimization for maintenance, and minimal time spent on management by the investor. To mitigate risks such as unprofitable investments and difficulties in managing multiple properties, we recommend partnering with our company, BSO. We specialize in professional property management services, ensuring cost optimization and rental efficiency, thereby making your investment more profitable and less time-consuming.

Property Management with BSO

Effective management of your asset is a key aspect of successful real estate investment in Dubai. Our company, BSO, can assist with this. We offer a range of services, including finding reliable tenants, coordinating ongoing property maintenance and upkeep, and resolving any rental issues that arise. Whether you’re planning to rent out your property or need help with renovations, BSO can manage all aspects of property ownership, giving you peace of mind that your property is well taken care of.

Factors Influencing Apartment Prices

Apartment prices in Dubai fluctuate periodically due to various factors:

  • Property characteristics: The price can be greatly influenced by the layout, area, equipment, view from the window, number of rooms, etc.
  • Area popularity and distance from the city center: Apartments located far from business and tourist centers are usually cheaper.
  • Infrastructure development: Properties with easy access to transport, shops, schools, hospitals, and restaurants are more expensive than those located further away.
  • Economic and political stability: Dubai has long been economically and politically stable, but its rising economic growth rates lead to higher values in the real estate market.

The Influence of Location on Apartment Prices: A Review of Popular Residential Areas in Dubai

According to local laws in Dubai, foreign nationals can only own real estate in certain areas where apartment prices are among the highest in the city.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, known for its artificial harbor, is one such area. This district is filled with high-rise buildings housing numerous residential apartments and office spaces. The area is very popular among foreigners, which directly affects housing prices. The average price per square meter of real estate here in 2023 was €4,900 ($5,500), and the average cost of an apartment was €1,375,000 ($1,540,000).


Jumeirah, another coastal area, is filled with luxury housing. The area is especially famous for its hotels, skyscrapers, landscaped beaches, and tourist areas, making it particularly attractive for tourists. Here, the average cost per square meter is €2,770 ($3,100), and an apartment can be bought for €607,000 ($680,000).

Business Bay

As the name suggests, Business Bay is a business center mainly consisting of office buildings and commercial properties. Despite being a business hub, there is also residential real estate here. Well-equipped residential complexes with parking lots, sports grounds, swimming pools, and other amenities are in particular demand. For one square meter in Business Bay, you will have to pay €2,720 ($3,050), and the average price of an apartment in Dubai is €527,000 ($590,000).

Pricing of Different Types of Apartments: Apartments, Penthouses, Studios, etc.

When analyzing the cost on the real estate market, you can see a significant difference between apartments of different types. For example, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai with an area of no more than 35 m²:

  • Economy class – from €76,000 ($85,000);
  • Comfort class – from €101,000 ($113,000);
  • Elite category – from €152,000 ($170,000).

Buying a one-bedroom apartment with an area of 60 m², not in the most presentable area, will cost at least €390,000 ($437,000). The same housing, but in a more prestigious area, can be purchased from €510,000 ($570,000). The cost of luxury apartments with an area of 100 m² starts from €700,000 ($785,000).

The most affordable apartments are in the residential complexes Reva Residence, Maison de Ville, Se7en City, Celestia, where you can find comfortable apartments with convenient layouts up to €152,000 ($170,000). The most prestigious residential real estate is considered to be in Residences Dubai, Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences, Five Luxe. In them, the cost of even the most modest housing starts from €890,000 ($995,000).

Analysis of Pricing Using the Example of a Specific Apartment

One example is the sale of a cozy two-bedroom apartment from the developer in the Binghatti ONYX housing complex, located in one of the developing areas of Dubai. Its cost per square meter is €3,800 ($4,250), and the full price is €248,000 ($277,000). The total area of the facility is 65 m². The apartment is being sold with cosmetic renovations and is located on the 32nd floor of a 36-story building with monolithic walls.

The apartment features a kitchen-living room and high ceilings up to 3.2 m, a separate bathroom, and a balcony. The windows face partly to the sunny picturesque side and partly to the courtyard. The apartment is equipped with an intercom, meters, external communication communications - telephone, cable TV, Internet. Next to the house there is ground parking and an open courtyard with a swimming pool.

Comparison of Prices in Dubai and Other World Cities

If you buy an apartment in London, you will have to pay about €437,000 ($490,000) for an apartment with an area of 40 m². The high cost is due to the reduction in territory and the pace of development, which has resulted in a housing shortage. Expensive offers are not only on the sales market, but also on the rental real estate market. Housing prices have risen both in London and beyond.

At the same time, apartments in the capital of Great Britain are not as comfortable as in Dubai. They are characterized by low ceilings and very limited space. As a rule, there is no parking near the houses. In the Emirates, such a problem practically does not exist. Additional expenses are required by the tax system, which offers a progressive tax rate starting from 20%.

Even higher prices are in New York. The cost of a one-room studio with an area of 46 m² reaches €537,000 ($600,000). The high cost is due to the demand for small housing and the population of this city.

More affordable prices are in Moscow. The minimum price for a studio apartment with a good repair and an area of 41 m² is €315,000 ($352,000). But this range is typical for new high-rise buildings. A strong difference in cost can be seen by analyzing the secondary housing stock, where the price for a similar studio can be either about €193,000 ($216,000) or exceed €910,000 ($1,018,000). The lowest threshold for real estate is in buildings with outdated technical capabilities. Housing in houses where you can install a panoramic swimming pool and have a nearby parking lot, terrace, children’s or sports ground is more valued.

Changes in Prices for Apartments: Factors Influencing Price Changes and Trends in the Real Estate Market in Dubai

An analysis of the real estate market in the UAE showed that the cost directly depends on changes in oil prices, but in recent years, the degree of dependence has been decreasing and is gradually moving towards transport, services, finance, and tourism.

A sharp rise in prices was observed between 2002 and 2008, after which they decreased noticeably under the influence of the global financial crisis. For about four years the cost was at a relatively low level, but from 2012 to 2015 the situation changed. During this time, the market began to actively recover, as a result of which apartment prices in Dubai increased by 20%.

The global COVID-19 pandemic made its own adjustments, changing the situation in 2020. Due to the restrictions imposed and the reduction in the flow of tourists, the cost of housing decreased again. Since February 2022, the UAE real estate market has been recovering again. In September, the average price for 1 m² of an apartment in a building under construction was €4,700 ($5,250). Noticing the upward trend, investors and buyers began to actively invest in real estate. As a result, the volume of purchase/sale transactions compared to 2022 reached a record level. The growth in transactions also continued in the third quarter of 2023. Compared to the same period in the previous year, the increase was more than 23%.

Tips for Buying an Apartment in Dubai

To make the most profitable investment when buying property in Dubai, you should consider the following points:

  • Decide on your priorities and type of housing. Maximum comfortable living in residential complexes with developed infrastructure. Such properties are perfect for families with children. Business people often prefer apartments in business areas.
  • Please take into account the legal requirements of your country. The UAE has one of the most loyal programs for registering real estate transactions. A citizen of another state only needs to present a passport for registration. But there are some nuances when drawing up a contract, which are best handled by real estate agency employees. Registration of purchase/sale is carried out at the Land Department. After registering the transaction, the new owner immediately appears in the DLD database. If difficulties arise, help can be obtained from the state agency RERA, which protects buyers from dishonest actions of sellers.
  • Determine the cost of maintaining the apartment. If an apartment is purchased for rent, then you should understand that there will be costs for security of buildings, landscaping, and cleaning. Such payments are collected quarterly and care must be taken to ensure timely payment by transferring obligations to temporary residents.


Real estate in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to inexpensively purchase comfortable housing and earn a good income. Thanks to the stability of the economy and political sphere, it is possible to guarantee the absence of financial risks from investments made in terms of Russian currency. For the same amount in Dubai, you can buy an apartment, a townhouse, or a house of much larger area than in America or Europe.

An additional advantage is loyal taxation, in the system of which there is no property tax. Also, the advantage is the increased rental rate. In the UAE, the profitability index reaches 10%. Due to liquidity and high demand, real estate can be sold at any time.

For those who consider purchasing real estate as a source of stable income, it is important to choose the right partner to manage their asset. BSO offers comprehensive management services, allowing investors to not worry about the day-to-day aspects of leasing and focus on their return on investment.














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