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Rental Dispute Lawyer in Dubai

Dispute Lawyer

It is impossible to avoid conflicts in any field of our lives sometimes. However, the most unpleasant conflicts come in the field of property rental. If you have encountered a dispute that cannot be solved without a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai, we recommend you to let the professionals solve the problem.

Examples Of Problems That BSO Solves

There is a great number of issues you may encounter when renting real estate property. Some of them can be solved only with the help of a qualified rental dispute lawyer, including the cases when:

  • the tenant refuses to leave the rented property after being evicted due to failing to pay the rent in time, subletting the property without the landlord’s approval, damaging the property or using it for illegal activities;
  • the tenant refuses to reimburse the damage he or she caused to the property and/or the furniture;
  • the landlord has evicted the tenant without any proper reason backed by the law.

Of course, this list is far from being final. Any other conflicts between tenants and landlords that couldn’t be solved without going to court require the help of a qualified specialist in the legal field to help you stand your ground.

BSO is a Strong Partner to Have:

  • Experts Are At Your Service
  • Thanks to years of experience in the field of resolving rental disputes, our lawyers are well-qualified to take on cases of any difficulty.

  • Proficient Knowledge Of The UAE Legal System
  • Our team consists of those who have been dealing with rental litigations for years. Thus, we are not just good at resolving disputes, we are proficient in the UAE laws concerning rent.

  • We Put Your Interests First
  • It is important to us to protect the interests of our clients.. Thus, we manage to deal with disputes in the way you would prefer and in a hassle-free manner.

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