What Is Professional Property Management?

What Is Professional Property Management?

When buying a property, what comes to your mind aside from living in it? It's going to be an investment, right? How can you make it an investment? Have it rented out. However, renting out a property means you need to manage it as well. The question is do you have the time to do that? Do you have the knowledge on handling tenants? Do you have the resources to maintain the property on your own? If the answer is NO, then we have a solution for you. That is professional property management.

Real estate property management is a service provided to landlords to manage their properties. Such services include finding tenants, marketing the property, rental collection, and maintenance. This also include dealing with tenant eviction, if the need arise. These tasks would be too much to handle for a landlord. Most especially if the landlord had multiple properties or too little time to spare. That's why having a property manager eases landlord's burden of responsibilities on the property. However, getting property management has its risks. The most common, of course, is the financial aspect. Normally, getting professional assistance in managing rental properties isn't cheap due to services offered. Some will charge landlords almost equivalent to a month of rent per year. Some will get a percentage of the annual rental income. As landlords, how can they generate income without spending much on property management services? We have another solution for you. Hire BSO Real Estate Management. It's a full service property management company which handles properties professionally at affordable price.

Why hire BSO as your property management service provider in Dubai?

BSO has expertise on managing properties, thanks to more than 7 years of experience. Not only they do residential property management, they also handle commercial property management. BSO boasts their approach on getting properties rented out in a fast pace. It is by having a lot of affiliated agents working on the available properties. BSO also makes sure that landlords and tenants won't be overcharged by maintenance companies. That's why they have vendors connected with the company with services at discounted rate. BSO also provides legal assistance regarding rent issues without court sessions and appointing lawyer.

All these services, and a lot more, are covered for AED 500 per month. Isn't a great deal for landlords, right? For a complete property management solution, the answer is BSO Real Estate Management.

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