The Lakes Area Guide


The Lakes Area Guide

30/06/2024, 13:42:22

The Lakes is another perfectly established neighborhood in Dubai. Rich in greenish. Gated. Full of amenities for a serene and luxury lifestyle. The area is really great. And if you have a rental property here, you have all the chances to turn it into a flourishing rental business.

Properties For Rent And Sale In The Lakes

The Lakes is home to villas and townhouses. And we are sure, one who wants to find property in Dubai with greenery surrounding shall definitely consider this neighborhood as one of the tokens.

Here are the prices for now available villas and townhouses in The Lakes:

  • Villas and townhouses with three bedrooms are of 2,180 – 2,800 sq. ft. on average and cost 165,000.00 – 190,000.00 AED/year for rent and 2,575,000.00 – 4,200,000.00 AED for sale
  • Villas with four bedrooms are of 3,000 – 3,700 sq. ft. on average and cost 230,000.00 – 240,000.00 AED/year and 3,400,000.00 – 4,700,000.00 AED for sale (though, waterfront villas may cost up to 7,600,000.00 AED)
  • Villas with five bedrooms are of 3,500 – 3,700 sq. ft. on average and cost 260,000.00 – 290,000.00 AED/year (though, waterfront villas may cost up to 375,000.00 AED/year and more) and from 7,000,000.00 AED for sale Villas with six bedrooms are of 6,100 – 6,700 sq. ft. on average, have private swimming pools, and cost 550,000.00 – 750,000.00 AED/year and 10,000,000.00 – 13,300,000.00 AED for sale

Who lives in The Lakes

Being home to villas and townhouses, the neighborhood is evidently home to families. Most of them are with kids as the area provides everything to raise children in peace and serenity. And, definitely, all of them value enhances privacy and luxury lifestyle the area generously provides.

By the way, tenants who seek villas for rent in The Lakes have a stable income of sufficient level. That is why unpayments or bounced cheques here are a rare thing.

Most Popular Communities In The Lakes

There are six sub-communities in The Lakes, each with its distinguishing features:

  • Hattan, with its luxury spacious villas of five, six, and even seven bedrooms with waterfront views and private swimming pools;
  • Maeen, which offers more affordable but still exceptional 3 and 4-bedroom properties;
  • Ghadeer, which offers mostly 3-bedroom villas and provides close access to First Al Khail Street and a bus stop;
  • Zulal, with its picturesque waterfront views and not too far from the main road and public transportation;
  • Deema, which offers the most spacious 3 and 4-bedroom properties in the area with close access to First Al Khail Street;
  • Forat, the smallest sub-community with cozy 3-4 bedroom villas and close access to The Lakes Club and its amenities as well to First Al Khail Street.

Schools And Universities In The Lakes

One of the most distinguished features of Dubai communities is almost each of them has educational facilities located nearby. So is with The Lakes. To clarify, the area residents can easily enroll their children in one of the nearest schools, each of which is located within just a 5-minute drive from the area:

  • Dubai International Academy;
  • Regent International School.

Of course, when choosing a higher educational institution, your tenants are unlikely to consider area proximity as the main factor. However, there are a lot of high-rated universities with easy access from this neighborhood:

  • Synergy University Dubai in JLT cluster;
  • American University in Dubai;
  • Dubai Campus of Abu Dhabi University and many others in Dubai Knowledge Park.

Transportation And Parking Spaces In The Lakes

Why tenants choose calm communities? Because they don't want to live in a place overcrowded with cars passing to and from. In other words, they do not want to suffer from all the noise and air pollution the intensive traffic creates. Therefore, when living here, your tenants would enjoy the absence of traffic jams and all their negative effects.

Of course, this doesn't mean the area doesn't provide sufficient conditions for parking its residents' cars. In fact, each villa or townhouse has a dedicated parking place for up to two cars.

Public Transportation In The Lakes

To tell the truth, there is no need for public transportation within the area. That is to say, each sub-community is well equipped with a shared swimming pool and park located withing walking distance from any of its property. In fact, here, the residents don't even feel the need to move around the area.

Still, for moving to the other Dubai areas, the residents of this community can take advantage of public transportation. To clarify, there is The Lakes Turnoff 1 bus stop, where one can take am F31 bus route and get to Dubai Internet City Metro Station.

Pros and cons of living in The Lakes

Of course, the community is famous for its lakes surrounded by greenery all around. Indeed, its scenic views relax and calm, making its residents feel happy and soothed. Still, they can feel the powerful spirit of Dubai while observing its magnificent skyscrapers.

Another advantage of living here is its utmost safety and abundance of family- and children-friendly amenities. Yes, as this is a gated community, there are no random passers-by here. Besides, as we mentioned earlier, there are shared swimming pools and park areas with playgrounds in each sub-community of the area. Plus tennis and basketball courts, football pitch, and close proximity of one of the best schools and universities in Dubai.

At last, this is a villa-based community. This means your tenants will enjoy having their own gardens where they and their children can rest and play.

However, the distance from the city center also means a longer drive to its highlights. And few transportation options. Still, we are sure tenants who can afford living in The Lakes with its far from low rental prices don't even consider lack of public transportations as the area cons. After all, they have their vehicles to rely on. And private transportation always provides more freedom than a public one.

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