Property Handover and Snagging in Dubai Explained


Property Handover and Snagging in Dubai

23/06/2024, 13:42:47

Property Handover and Snagging in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

When home buyers are considering buying a home, especially a newly built one, it’s crucial to ensure that everything is in order. This is where property snagging and handover come in. During property snagging, a thorough inspection is conducted on a new build property to identify any defects or issues that need fixing before the handover.

The handover process occurs when the seller officially transfers the property to the buyer. In Dubai, these processes are particularly important due to the city’s booming real estate market and numerous construction projects.

What is Property Snagging?

Typically, something is considered as a snag if it’s damaged or broken, not fitted properly, or appears unfinished. Many problems are superficial, but occasionally it can be more serious issues like kitchen fittings that are not installed in the right way.

A snagging company provides snagging services to identify these issues. The result of their inspection is a snagging report that lists all the defects they find.

What is Property Handover?

The handover process occurs when the seller officially transfers the property to the buyer. It involves the finalization of all legal and financial obligations, and it is typically when the buyer receives the keys to the property. This process usually requires a pre-registration with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the payment of Oqood fees, which are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

The Importance of Property Snagging and Handover

Property snagging and handover are essential steps in the property buying process. They help identify any potential issues that could become major problems down the line. These can range from minor cosmetic issues to major structural defects. By identifying these issues early, you can ensure they are fixed before you move in, saving you time and money in the long run.

How is Property Snagging and Handover Done?

The snagging process takes a detailed look at a property in the run-up to contracts being exchanged. During the snagging inspection, the inspector will walk around the property and make notes of all the defects they find by marking the area, as well as photographic evidence. With a keen eye and thorough investigation, inspectors look out for all minor and major defects and jot down all the faults they find.

The handover process involves finalizing all legal and financial obligations, and it is typically when the buyer receives the keys to the property. It involves a detailed inspection of the property, and any issues found are noted in the handover certificate. The property owners are usually given a 30-day property handover notice to complete the handover process.

The Cost of Property Snagging and Handover in Dubai

The cost of property snagging in Dubai can vary depending on the type of property and the company you choose. Here are some general estimates:

  • For an apartment, the average cost ranges from 1500-2500 AED.
  • For houses, it is between 2500-4000 AED. Some companies charge around AED 1 per sq ft of Built Up Area + VAT.

These are average costs and the actual cost may vary. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. Also, keep in mind that there might be additional administration fees involved in the handover process.

Top 10 Property Snagging and Handover Companies in Dubai

  1. BSO Real Estate Management is a leading property management company in Dubai, offering a wide range of services including property snagging and handover services. Their expert team identifies the shortfalls in both quality and industry standards associated with your property. They work for you, not for the developers, helping you find those defects that you might have missed. They offer a comprehensive range of services including handover inspections, end-of-defect liability period (DLP) inspections, and secondary market purchase inspections. BSO Real Estate Management is a great choice for your property snagging and handover needs in Dubai.
  2. Property Snagging Dubai: This company has over 10 years of experience in the Dubai property industry and has inspected over 3,000 homes. They provide a comprehensive range of services including handover inspections, and secondary market purchase inspections.
  3. The Property: Known as the best professional snagging company in Dubai, they offer comprehensive and varied residential property management and handover inspection services around the city.
  4. Land Sterling : If you are looking for professional snagging services in Dubai, Land Sterling can help you conduct a thorough snagging survey and manage the entire handover process. They help facilitate a hassle-free property transition between the buyer and the seller.
  5. fäm Properties : They offer complete property snagging and inspection services to ensure the perfect property is delivered to you.
  6. Damac: A leading real estate developer of luxury properties in Dubai & UAE.
  7. Metropolitan Premium Properties: Provides local and overseas clients with the highest possible level of service, advice, support and assistance with all their property requirements.
  8. Dubai Property Handovers: Provides the best in Dubai Property Handover and Snagging services as part of the preparation for handover of the property from the developer.
  9. Snag and Inspect: Snag and Inspect is a professional snagging and home inspection company in Dubai. They offer a variety of services including snagging inspections, home inspections, and handover inspections.
  10. Properscan: Properscan offers a comprehensive range of property inspection services in Dubai, including snagging inspections and handover inspections.


Property snagging and handover are crucial steps in the property buying process in Dubai. They help ensure that your new home is in the best possible condition before you move in. While they do come with a cost, the peace of mind they provide is well worth it. So, if you’re considering buying a property in Dubai, don’t forget to factor in the cost of property snagging and handover into your budget. Also, remember to plan your property purchase well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Be sure to check your account statement 30 days after the handover to ensure all fees have been correctly charged. It’s important to note that buying a new build can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it to ensure your home has passed building regulations inspections and is free from poor workmanship.

Remember, your newly built home should come with a structural warranty, so any minor defects or snags caused by poor workmanship should be fixed at no extra cost to you. So, don’t hesitate to get a snag list from a professional snagging company and ensure any cosmetic defects are fixed before the handover. Home builders are increasingly focusing on energy-efficient construction projects, so make sure to ask about this during the construction process.

Ready to make your property buying experience in Dubai seamless and hassle-free? Get in touch with a professional snagging and handover service today! Don’t wait, secure your investment and ensure your new home is in the best possible condition before you move in.














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