Meet The Expo 2021 Dubai With BSO


Meet The Expo 2021 Dubai With BSO

31/03/2024, 15:29:56

Attention! Considering the present situation, each and every country has to endure a severe impact of COVID-19. Expositions, competitions, and other events are either postponed or cancelled. EXPO 2020 is not cancelled but postponed. The new date of the EXPO 2020 start is 1 October 2021 and will last up to 31 March 2022.

The world is awaiting the biggest exposition of the last five years, Expo 2020. Being hosted in Dubai, the event expects the number of visitors and participators as much as dozens of millions and hopes you are going to be one of them. But what is the first question arise in your mind when you plan your trip? Right you are! It is a sort of “where-will-I-stay?” question!

At BSO, we published this special post for you to help you solve this question by sharing the information that will:

  • Keep you oriented in the main accommodation issues,
  • Provide you tips about selecting a perfect place to stay,
  • Warn you about some fraud schemes related to accommodation issues.

So, keep reading to get familiar with all the details and make your stay in Dubai during Expo 2020 really enjoyable.

Look for Long Term Accommodation

This outstanding event will take place from 20 October, 2020 to 10 April, 2021. In other words, it promises to provide the most exciting experience during as much as 173 days (he new date of the EXPO 2020 start is 1 October 2021 and will last up to 31 March 2022.). Thus, it's better to look for long-term accommodation to enjoy as many opportunities as possible.

If you are a participator, long-term accommodation is a must. Really, you are unlikely to miss an opportunity of building new relationships for future collaboration and partnership. Besides, you strive to announce to the world your innovative achievements and brilliant ideas. That's why you and your team take part in Expo 2020. And, of course, you need a place to stay during the exposition!

If you are a visitor, your benefits of a long-term stay simply couldn't be overestimated as well.

First, Expo 2021 will host 192 themed pavilions, 60 live shows per day, and lots of other entertainment. Definitely, it would be a great disaster not to get pleasure from every event presented. But could you take advantage of all these occasions if you stay in Dubai just a few weeks? Of course, you couldn't! Honestly, it will take all 173 days to taste all the pleasure the exposition provides. So, why not stay there all the duration?

Second, Dubai has plenty of things to see and to do except for the exposition. Thus, with a long-term stay, you will have a chance to enjoy all the fun without any haste.

How to choose an apartment during the Expo 2021?

So, whether you are a visitor or participator, you, definitely, need long-term accommodation with an apartment as your best option. However, choosing an apartment is always rather a complicated task. Moreover, it would be twice complicated when it concerns the Expo 2020 time holding as the housing demand will skyrocket then.

Therefore, read carefully and follow our tips to increase your chances of achieving desired results while choosing an apartment.

Plan, seek, and book in advance

Dubai always attracts thousands of people who opt to work and live here and look for apartments to rent. Moreover, Expo 2020 is the time when the number of visitors and, hence, those who rent flats is expected to have a significant increase. Therefore, if you defer such a task at the very last moment, you risk having a little choice.

We recommend you to start looking for accommodation and sign a tenancy contract two months in advance prior to the desired move-in date.

Choose a close-to-Expo-2021 or at least close-to-metro apartment

Though months from October to April are not the months of extreme heat, it is highly unlikely you will enjoy wasting your time while getting to a metro station to take a ride to the Pavilions. Therefore, it would be a good decision to rent an apartment located close to a metro station. Of course, the closer to the Expo 2020 site you rent an apartment, the less time you spent to get to the site.

To sum up, the best area for renting an apartment during Expo 2020 would be the following areas:

• Dubai Investment Park,

• Dubai Production City,

• Jumeirah Golf Estate

How not to be deceived when renting an apartment

Let's discuss how to secure yourself against a rental fraud.

First, always read, sign, and register a tenancy contract. A tenancy contract is an important part of your tenancy relationship. It prescribes responsibilities both of you and your landlord. Thus, always insist on signing the contract before you step into the relationship. Besides, read it carefully to get familiar with the clauses it contains and check the rental it fixes, tenancy period, etc.

Keep in mind, every long-term tenancy agreement must be registered with Ejari, a special system in Dubai. But for this, you can't protect your rights and leave a great room to be deceived by your landlord.

Second, deal with a reputable company. Unless you deal with a reputable company, your risks of being deceived are more than average. For example, if you decide to rent an apartment directly from an individual, you may discover once a fact the plat was let or even sublet to you illegally.

At BSO, we guarantee your Expo 2020 experience will not be spoiled by any rental fraud if you rent an apartment out of our large base. Thus, get in touch with us and enjoy the Expo 2020 and your long-term stay in Dubai.














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