Lifestyle Of Palm Jumeirah, quick overview


Lifestyle Of Palm Jumeirah, quick overview

16/05/2024, 14:55:13

It is nobody's secret; Palm Jumeirah lifestyle is one of the most luxury one in Dubai and all over the UAE. The benefits of the area provide a lot of opportunities for rental business. But note, the properties here require dedicated building management, which can help you take the full advantage of these benefits and opportunities. The management, we are always happy to provide.

The benefits of living in the Palm Jumeirah

At BSO, we manage many rental apartments and villas in various areas in Dubai. And we can say for certain, rents on Palm Jumeirah are always in high demand due to their numerous advantages.

Beautiful waterfront views

Waterfront views are one of the things that always appeal. Therefore, for apartments and villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah, the coastline location is one of their greatest advantages. Due to this, they provide majestic waterfront views of azure water merging with blue sky.

Indeed, this is something special you can offer your tenants. And we are sure they will appreciate it greatly.

The exclusive luxury nurseries

The area is really a family-friendly place. And we are speaking now not about entertainment opportunities but of daily routine. Families that have babies and toddlers will appreciate luxury nurseries that provide dedicated day care and early development opportunities for their pupils. The choice is really excellent here, with many different educational methods:

  • Asya's Nursery;
  • Redwood Montessori Nursery;
  • Blossom Palm Jumeirah Nursery.

The abundance of schools

Families with school-age children praise a great variety of schools close to Palm Jumeirah. Each of them has its own curriculum. And all of them do their best to grow their students into personalities of great opportunities by discovering and developing their potential.

Just of the top of our heads, the list includes:

  • GEMS Wellington International School;
  • Dubai College;
  • American School of Dubai.

Well, and not forget about boat schools!

Various options for restaurants and boutiques

The area provides wonderful facilities for high-life dining and shopping without even leaving the place.

Dozens of restaurants are ready to offer their delicious cuisine of various types and nations to the customers. Many of them can offer wonderful waterfront views. And all of them provide world-class service and a great eating experience.

Various stand-alone or mall-integrated chops and boutiques are happy to open their doors to their customers. There, the customers can find branded fashion clothes and everything else from make-up and perfume to skateboards and various kitchen and bar accessories.

Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk

11 kilometers of wooden-surfaced coastline pathway that goes around the island along the outer radius. Yes, this is a really wonderful place for a leisurely stroll or a fitness jogging and run. All the way while contemplating the beauty of the sea.

Besides, the Boardwalk can offer more than three dozen restaurants to dine or just enjoy a cup of flavored coffee somewhere in the middle of your walk. And at least five amazing attractions to visit!

Palm Jumeirah Monorail

Though Palm Jumeirah is an island, it has plenty of opportunities for connection with the “mainland” of Dubai. We are speaking not only about private transportation but public as well. And when it comes to public transportation, it comes to Palm Jumeirah Monorail.

As of the end of 2020, the Monorail starts from the Palm Gateway station, right near the tram station and ends at the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark station, right at one of the greatest Dubai attractions. And with two more stations in the middle. So, residents of the area can not only easily get to the “mainland” of Dubai but travel within the area as well.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Yes, now we came again to the greatest Dubai attraction we mentioned in the previous section of this article. We came to the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark!

Over 30 slides, rides, and other attractions. 11-million-liter aquarium with over 65,000 marine animals. And, once and again, wonderful sea views. All this is why many people adore Palm Jumeirah. And all this in the area of your villa or apartment. Great!

Wildlife & Covid-19

As the area juts out into the sea, the chances of observing dolphins are always great. Moreover, the pandemic did a good deal even so! It reduced human activity and, thus, allowed marine animals to come back from somewhere far in seas to close to the land.

Therefore, now residents of Palm Jumeirah have even greater chances of observing dolphins. And, sometimes even right from their homes.

There are a few cons you may want to know…

… Just to decide if they are really a sort of drawbacks or just another highlighter of the high-life status the area residents enjoy.

Dubai metro access

At the moment, there is no direct Dubai metro access from the island. In means, its residents can't take a single ride from, for example the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark to, say, Business Bay.

But a 7-minute walk from Palm Gateway station isn't too long. And, after all, we really had tenants who opt Palm Jumeirah to live, relax, and enjoy instead of going to and fro and working like a bee. And we can bet a stake, those tenants were not the only of their kind!

High-budget lifestyle of Palm Jumeirah

When one says something about high-budget lifestyle of Palm Jumeirah, one means higher rental prices, first of all. Of course, this may turn middle budget tenants away from your rental villa or apartment.

But it is only great. After all, you don't need tenants who hardly manage to pay their rent and may possibly get involved into bounced cheque issues or something of this kind.

Indeed, it is only great to rent your property to tenants who can afford this high-budget lifestyle and have no headaches in the future.

At BSO, we can easily find such tenants to you and provide a lot of other services within a framework of property management contract. Contact us and sign the contract to relieve all the burden from your shoulders.














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