Easy Lease With BSO Property Management Company


Easy Lease With BSO Property Management Company

03/06/2024, 14:55:16

More and more property owners entrust their assets to us. What is our core value? We save time. Not just declaratively. Actually.

Here, our strong suits are our ability to collaborate on a remote basis and a large variety of tools we use to enrich our partnership, both with landlords and tenants.

How to work with BSO remotely

To start with, at BSO, we have clients in more than 30 countries outside the UAE. Thus, in nine out of ten cases, we practice remote communication. Moreover, a lot of our clients have never visited our office. Nor have they experienced any direct face-to-face with our managers. Some of them haven't even called us by phone, having used only online communication and communication via messengers.

Yes, with us, remote collaboration is not a dream but a wonderful reality. Use our website as an effective point for the first contact. Your options here include as follows:

  • Submit your request for quote (RFQ), using our special request form;
  • Email us, leaving your details;
  • Text or call us by messengers or phone.

Then, go to the next three steps of successful landlordship. We call it a “double simple S, one great E” path:

  • S – send your documents;
  • S – sign a contract;
  • E – enjoy your landlordship.

How to sign a contract with BSO remotely

To go further, you do not have to waste your time and visit us in person in order to sign the contract. Yes, remote contracting is a thing we greatly practice. To clarify, you can easily verify the contract using your electronic signature.

The whole procedure looks like this:

  • We draw a contract and send it to you for your signature;
  • You verify the contract with your electronic signature;
  • We check the details, validate the contract, and get to our property management responsibilities.

Everything is clear and transparent; everything is simple and convenient for you.

How BSO orchestrates payments and other cash flows

There are many types of cash flows we deal with. Here are just some examples:

  • Property management fees;
  • Rent;
  • Legal fees;
  • Service charges;
  • Repair and maintenance bills & etc.

As an advanced company, oriented on remote servicing, we chose the most reliable, secure, and hustle-free payment method, bank transfer. You don't even need to go to your bank to accomplish your payment. You can always do it online via our website. Besides, our well-designed payment notification system makes the payment procedure even easier.

How BSO accomplishes payment notification

We constantly keep our fingers on the pulse. To help our clients stay punctual in fulfilling their payment obligations, we accurately send them bills and invoices. To make the payment procedure easier, these payment notifications contain payment links. In other words, all you have to do is just follow this link to get onto the page where you can complete your payment.

To go further, we are working on integration of an auto payment feature in our system. This will provide even greater convenience for our customers. To clarify, you can once set up the auto-payment and then be no longer distracted by this routine.

What are the BSO distinctive features?

We practice an integrated approach to property management in order to cover your needs in full. For this purpose, we developed and implemented some outstanding facilities and services. With these facilities and services, we moved ahead to simplify your landlord experience to the highest extend.

Personal account

At BSO, we integrate our traditional management facilities with online ones. To clarify, we built an online support system with a personal account for every our client.

Here, you can accomplish certain iterative tasks and enjoy extra options as follows:

  • Sign contracts and pay bills;
  • Track tenant's requests and statistics;
  • Leverage cloud services for your documents storage.

All these advanced features help you save time and keep you well-informed and always updated.

Tenant screening

We are very meticulous in tenant screening. This enables us to reveal all potential threats before you enter the tenancy agreement, instead of when you are already in. To reveal and, then, successfully avoid.

Here, we have at least three great tools to succeed:

  • Employment status confirmation;
  • Personal interview;
  • Rental history.

In the end, we weed out bad tenants and, thus, minimize the risks of future problems to arise.

Vendor list

Applying to our scope of activities, the vendor list is a system that includes more than 30 suppliers our property management company has established a long-term partnership with. We created this vendor list to:

  • Help you save money;
  • Ensure greater transparency;
  • Orchestrate maintenance tasks with higher efficiency.

As soon as a maintenance issue arises, our expert completes the thorough inspection. Then, the system automatically sends RFQs to the agencies in the vendor list. Thus, we get more than 30 quotes in a few hours after our request. We evaluate the terms of the top 5 best quotations to make a decision about which vendor to choose. To put it short, the vendor list enables us to tackle the maintenance issue quicker and ensure great results.

Thus, contracting with BSO is the easiest, effective, and advanced way to perform your landlord duties and reap its benefits. Reach to us for more information and sign a property management contract to enjoy your rental business.


















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