Dubai Marina Area Guide


Dubai Marina Area Guide

10/04/2024, 15:57:41

Are you aware of how gorgeous your Dubai Marina area is? An elaborate combo of city and beach lifestyle opportunities! Unsurprisingly, apartments here are in great demand. So, if you want to rent apartments in one of Dubai Marina's properties, contact us. We will help you quickly find a tenant and manage your property.

Pros and cons of renting in Dubai Marina

Undoubtedly, the area has a lot of benefits. And that's why this is one of the sought-after areas for rent. However, it has some things to consider as well, though they do not diminish its dignity.

At BSO, we know which factors to accentuate and which consider as screening factors. This provides the basis for a long-term rental relationship to the mutual satisfaction of you and your tenant. Moreover, by considering pros as a screening factor, we can filter your tenants and find those with whom you are likely to have fewer to no disputes and problems. Besides, we have one of the best property lawyers in Dubai to help you resolve any rental disputes quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of living in Dubai Marina

So, why is it better to stay in Dubai Marina? To put it short, because the community has so much to offer for a high life!

Stylish properties with fabulous views

Dubai Marina apartments have their style:

  • Cozy rooms;
  • Elaborate and perfectly organized spaces;
  • Stylish interior and furniture. And, of course, they offer wonderful views. Sea views. The beauty of the azure water surface merged with the blue sky somewhere on the horizon.

Well, who doesn't want to live in a stylish apartment with fabulous views?

Amenities and facilities

Besides, apartments here have everything to ensure the comfort of their residents:

  • Balcony;
  • Central A/C;
  • Covered parking;
  • Shared gym and pool. Moreover, many of them also offer extra facilities and amenities such as a barbecue area, children's play area, etc.

Certainly, this is what every tenant is looking for. And they will find it here, in your unit.

Nearby the beach

Of course, one of the main advantages of this area is direct access to the beach. Definitely, for those who like tender sea waters and beaches with their fine sands (and who doesn't?) and still wish to combine this with a business lifestyle, the Dubai Marina is a great find!

There is nothing more pleasant than relaxing on the beach after a hard-working day. Or spend here all weekends. Sure, your tenants will appreciate it very much.

Facilities and supermarkets

As for entertainment facilities and supermarkets, the Dubai Marina can satisfy even its most tempted residents.

Here, there are many supermarkets and grocery stores to buy goods and cook a tasty meal. Or, if one doesn't want to bother oneself with cooing, restaurants are right here, ready to serve the most delicious meal. As well as many food outlets and cafes to dine or just have a break with a cup of tea or coffee.

For those who like waterfront walkways, Dubai Marina Walk and Dubai Marina Promenade are at hand.

And, at last, there are plenty of bars, clubs, and other nightlife amenities.

Things to Consider about living in Dubai Marina

While some facts that may affect your tenant's decision about living in Dubai Marina, they are not disadvantaging at all. First, because, at a closer look, some of them are of little significance and pose no challenges to the residents. Second, because for you as a landlord, some of these points are to your benefit.

It's not too pet-friendly

Though there are routes in Dubai Marina where its residents can walk their pets, the area is not too pet friendly. For example, its famous walkaways are free-of-pet areas. Besides, in some communities, pets are not allowed. Therefore, tenants with pets are unlikely to choose Dubai Marina for their living.

Still, we regard this screening factor as a nice filter to you as a landlord. Pets may cause damage to your property, and, thus, you may be involved in unpleasant disputes with your tenants. No pets – no problems. So, this con is to your benefit, indeed!

Heavy traffic

Perhaps, there are too many cars on the streets of Dubai Marina at peak hours and congestions are not unheard of.

However, we don't think this factor to be of much consideration. The congestion is common for high-density areas. That is to say, we are all used to heavy traffic driving experience. After all, this has already become a part of our life.

Public Parking

If compared to the huge number of cars you can meet in Dubai Marina, public parking is a little limited. Therefore, sometimes, drivers face difficulties when trying to find available parking spaces for their vehicles.

However, typically, this is the problem of those drivers who reside outside the area and ride there on their cars for some purpose. With highly-developed public transportation within the area and nearby location of many facilities, stores, and supermarkets, one may easily do without using his car for routine tasks.

Thus, this is not the thing your tenants should closely consider when making their choice.

Lack of Schools

It is true, school availability is not the strongest side of Dubai Marina, though there is a lot of nurseries within the area. However, there are many schools located in nearby communities. For example, it is:

  • Dubai British School in Springs;
  • Emirates International School in Jumeirah;
  • Dubai International Academy in Emirates Hills. Due to the non-remote location and good public transportations, it becomes easy to get to school. So, families with school-aged children live in Dubai Marina without suffering many challenges.

To sum up, in all respects, Dubai Marina is an amazing community. That's why you may see it easy to rent out your apartment. However, signing a tenancy agreement is the easiest part of the landlordship. You need to maintain your property, try to prevent rental issues, and deal with them if they arise. Indeed, this is a hard job. At BSO, we provide A-rated property management services and can take over this hard job on our shoulders. So, reach us to sign a property management contract.














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