Dubai Expo 2020 Officially Postponed For A Year


Dubai Expo 2020 Officially Postponed For A Year

27/03/2024, 15:57:43

As the world now is facing the pandemic COVID-19, staying home and kindly supporting family and friends is the best answer to this challenge. Perhaps the total global recovery will take more than just a few months. Thus, to let EXPO 2020 happens in its full, it was decided to postpone its date by a year.

New Expo 2020 Dates Announced

When the pandemic stroke almost every country, most participants of the exposition applied to the Steering Committee with their offer and readiness to postpone the event. Some interesting facts about voting for the delay and new dates:

  • Was carried out remotely due to the pandemic restrictions;
  • Opened on 24 April and closed on 29 May, so, formally took more than a month;
  • Actually, the decision was validated within the first week of the voting.

To clarify, the two-thirds majority have been already cast in postpone supporting favor within the week. Let's remind the two-thirds threshold is a must for such important decisions. And it was reached and surpassed.

Thus, we got the new dates. The event will open its gates on 1 October, 2021 and will last till 31 March, 2021. So, take these new dates into account when planning your trip to Dubai.

Note, the BIE decided to remain unchanged the name Expo 2020 even as it will actually take place in 2021. After all, haven't we all already remembered and liked the name? Isn't this name already associated with the hospitality and great friendliness of the UAE and Dubai in particular?

Expo 2020 Dubai and the UAE response to COVID-19

Definitely, what you need to know about Expo is not only about what you can do and see there. But that it can help to shape a new after-COVID-19 world. And the organizers were very wise and sensible to think about this as well.

This one-year postponement is a great answer to the pandemic. And a wide community as a whole greeted and applauded the postponement. No doubt, all of us collectively agree that one year is an appropriate period to navigate health impacts we face now.

Definitely, together we are strong enough to survive the insidious COVID-19:

  • Governments of all countries support their nationals and support each other in this fight;
  • People support their families, their friends, and even complete strangers so they can overcome the challenges and survive this challenging time.

Definitely, this is one of the greatest collaboration and empathy the community has ever exposed.

Yes, now the pandemic is taking all our concerns. Therefore, the organizers of Expo 2020 wisely urged it to step aside. So everyone can focus on the current challenges one faces. And they were extremely wise no to cancel the event, having understood the importance of the event to the business community in particular and the world economy as a whole.

When COVID-19 will be done with soon (yes, we are pretty sure), the business community will need a friendly but confident push. That is to say, the world economy will need a push to recover the severe impacts and outcomes of the recession we all are facing now. So, the Expo 2020 can be regarded as this push, as an accelerator of post-pandemic economy growth. Yes, no doubt, this will be a great event with great results and outcomes!

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