Full Service Property Management in Dubai, UAE

Real estate management services

Our Property Management Real Estate Services takes care of your convenience. By taking control over all real estate issues, we save your time and energy. Both landlords and tenants find it reasonable to appoint BSO. For landlords it is reasonable since the list of property management services combines assistance in all aspects of real estate, starting from creating inventory and reaching each yield stage of investment. Description of our services is provided below.

Snagging and creating inventory

​BSO surveillance takes care of your assets and reduces the possibility of misuse. Our real estate asset management services are aimed at your safety: your rights, ownership, and property are fiercely protected by us. We care about our reputation and your comfort.​

EJARI registration

BSO has a direct access to EJARI registration facilities and RERA. Reliability and trustability are the things that mean a lot for any modern business relationship including relationships between businesses and its' regulating authorities.

Management of lease notices

BSO property services managers are daily on duty for you to be away from stress and your tenants to enjoy the comfortable stay at the same time. We will notify in a professional tone your tenant every time if there is a need to rapidly reach tenants attention.

Finding new tenants

The BSO network gathers over 500 real estate brokers, over 1,000 customers and over 40,000 subscribers together so finding a tenant is quick. Our full-service property management company is proud of the number of satisfied clients, reliable brokers and increasing list of potential customers.

Maintenance support

The number of properties under management of BSO avails attractive discounts from maintenance suppliers to all our clients. With BSO Real Estate Management services, Ltd you be saving money in dealing with both local and international suppliers.

Monthly performance statements

Technologies that BSO uses make reporting clear and simple without any delays. Reports make collaboration more trustable, and such communication becomes transparent on each action.

Connections with developers

BSO has strong ties to the UAE developers, as we represent various investors in multiple real estate projects. By building a strong professional relationship with country’s best specialists, we keep getting better.

Utility accounts connections

Support by BSO resolves any issues related to utility connections in any of the managed properties. This is another direction where we will make your life easire by giving such support. Looking at list of realty services property management obviously gets greater demand.

Dealing with bounced rental cheques

BSO’s resources ensure on-time rent collections and fast payment clearance. This is another advantage of real estate asset management services delivered by BSO.

Rental Dispute Center 

The expertise in rental litigations helps BSO to resolve any rental conflict in a stress-free way and in the shortest possible time, all while keeping our clients’ interests protected. We have a strong legal background. BSO - real estate management services is guaranteed to protect you under any circumstances.

Why choose BSO property management

The management real estate services providers in the UAE target mostly the profit not the customer satisfation. Profesional service provider will never turn opportunities to money making, professional will firstly turn it to establishing the trust and relationships which soon will be appreciated. Very sensitive is the UAE rental market nowadays. BSO team is trained to manage both residential and commercial porperty rentlas covering more and more locations every day.

We have built trustable and reliable cooperation with our partners. Long-term relationships allowed us to create even better conditions for our clients. By contacting us, you also get the access to the appealing discounts you will not find anywhere else.

You can find out more about our duties and responsibilities schedule by reviewing our terms and conditions.

Cost of BSO services

AED 500.00 per month is what we charge for our general service schedule. The main advantage of property management services provided by BSO is the customer-oriented price. Professional property management service can not be variable as well as expensive. Other firms fees are yearly and depend on the rental price of the property which is confusing the landlord in both cases where the rent is high or low. Generally, real estate asset management services are targeted to perform constant duties against flat rates. Our fee structure is cost-effective and fixed regardless the rent amount, location, size or type of the property.

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