Testimonials about the company BSO in Dubai, UAE

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“BSO Real Estate Management listened to our requirements and advised their thoughts. All in all a seamless experience from beginning to end. I would recommend them to any individual or company looking to rent a property in Dubai.”

Tenant: Andy Roper (Managing Partner, BWP Ltd)

“In my opinion, BSO Real Estate Management helped me in finding a suitable tenant for leasing my apartment within days of contacting him. They were very efficient and provided very good service to both landlord and tenant.”

Landlord: Sunil Shanghavi (CEO, Maximus Group of Companies)

“BSO Real Estate Management can and definitely provide very high quality services in an industry which often lacks integrity and the personal touch.”

Tenant: Sercan Aktas (Design and Development Manager, Musanada Technology Services)

“Not only BSO Real Estate Management managed to understand and target very quickly my needs and requirements but proposed the perfect property, after many unproductive visits done with many brokers. They went beyond their role and also took care of setting up electricity, water, telephone, internet… in a record time allowing me to move in within few days after signing for the property.”

Tenant: Stanislas Marszolik (Area Manager, Christian Dior Couture)

“BSO Real Estate Management was quick to identify my specific needs and wasted little time in focusing on areas that closely fitted my requirements. In that sense, I value their judgment and they demonstrated maturity and efficiency beyond their years in translating quickly my vision into reality.”

Tenant: Godfrey McFall (Managing Director, Atkins)

“Dealing with BSO Real Estate Management was professional and hassle free. The transaction was simple, with clear communication and wrapped up in a short time. All documentation and payments were well managed, with them meeting me at convenient locations to complete all the formalities. The handover of the apartment was also taken care of, including pre-handover clean up and decoration. I would recommend BSO Real Estate Management for managing any real estate transaction.”

Tenant: Iain Hird (Vice President, Nomura)

“BSO Real Estate Management provided highly efficient and very professional assistance during my search for rental. They had proved themselves to be a thorough professional and handled all aspects of their job efficiently.”

Tenant: Francois Pujo (Human Resources Director, Sodexho International FZE)

“Since 2010, BSO Real Estate Management has been renting our properties to various tenants. I found them hardworking and they have handled the leasing of our properties in a professional and efficient manner. I can recommend them to my friends for honest and straightforward leasing works.”

Landlord: Khaliq Mirza (Managing Director, Zucchini Industries Limited)

“I’d like to appreciate the way BSO Real Estate Management conduct my apartment’s tenancy to find the best offer which was superb. Their services were really exemplary and their staffs were also well mannered. They have managed the situations well in pressure conditions and short time challenges and we appreciated their leadership skills in managing all matters in the best way. I would like to admit that it is rare to find high standards of genuineness and reliability in today’s business world, and we found one with BSO Real Estate Management.”

Landlord: Akbar Sura (CEO, Crystal Gallery)

“BSO Real Estate Management’s expertise in meeting arrangement and the coordinating level were greatly appreciated. We are impressed by their work, dedication, and punctuality in completing the work perfectly and as per the decided time. We would like to recommend working with people from BSO Real Estate Management as always willing to take the time to discuss clients’ concerns and respond to questions.”

Tenant: Vencislav Cholakov (Managing Director, Bulgartabac Holding)

“I would like to appreciate BSO Real Estate Management for using their resources effectively and arranging a dedicated team who did their job marvelously. The apartments’ deals were amazing and their results have already started to surprise us all. Despite their busy schedule, they handled every aspect of all the deals, especially the last 10 deals, perfectly making sure there were no lapses that might affect them. All of us were happy with the way they had relieved us.”

Landlord: Yury Ivanov (CEO, CM Master FZC)

“In the course of the last few years I have dealt with BSO Real Estate Management in a series of important transactions, and it became obvious that they approach their negotiations with considerable debt of thought. Nothing is left to chance, as it carefully develops a full strategy for each case, followed by smart tactics to ensure the success of every negotiation. BSO Real Estate Management is a company of considerable integrity and dignity, never failing to honor the interests of those they are representing.”

Landlord: Floris Ansingh (Owner and Director, Ansingh and Associates)
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