Property Handover Services in Dubai, UAE by BSO

Property Handover Services in Dubai

As soon as you purchase or lease a real estate in UAE, be ready to go through the property handover process. And when it is done, you legally become a tenant (or an owner). For settling all the formalities you can visit UAE yourself or appoint a Power of Attorney (POA) to complete the property handover in Dubai on your behalf. For legalizing the document of POA you have to attest it at the UAE Embassy. The details of issuing this document itself varies and depends on your own country of residence.

If it's difficult for you to come to UAE or you just want the process of property handover done quickly and with maximum efficiency, you can use the one of Dubai property handover service companies. They provide services for managing of real estate leasing process, additional services for property insurance, new property handover, the Title Deeds registration, etc. Furthermore, the company helps you with drawing up and legalizing the POA document if you need the one.

Usually the real estate handover service itself includes:

  1. Before the move-in day:
    • pre-inspection of the premises (if it's necessary, it should be done one month before the date of the official handover);
    • drawing up the tenancy contract, collecting the documents, which are needed for leasing;
    • collecting the rental payments (including the upfront one).
  2. In the move-in day:
    • final checking the contents of the property and their condition, drawing up the inventory document;
    • collecting the keys or the access cards;
    • managing the check-in process (also the property handover service company manages the check-out process);
    • got some final guidelines how to handle household appliances, in which days the garbage is collected, the patrolling street officers' names and other necessary information.

As soon as all the parts of this process are done, property handover is complete and you can get the property handover report. So there renting starts and your real estate starts making money.

The right company helps you to choose the best premises based on your needs and makes the handover process comfortable for both parties.

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