Property Hand Over Services in Dubai, UAE by BSO

Property Hand Over Services In Dubai

When you purchased a property unit or found the right tenant to it and signed the lease agreement, you should get ready to a property hand over process. Landlords usually don’t get bothered with hand over procedures. They just hand over the keys with access cards and leave, however it is always important to complete the hand over in accordance with all formalities:

  • Formal hand over process can be made by the landlord or by a person legally authorized by the landlord;
  • Comprehensive hand over checklist is the document to be considered the most important in the whole process;
  • Inventory and equipment list of the unit is an additional document to complete the hand over settlement of furnished or equipped properties.

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Do You NeedProperty Handover Services?

If it is difficult for you to come to UAE, if you just want the process of property hand over to be done in accurate and stress free way, of if you look for Dubai property hand over service companies, having a property manager will be a key solution. Our property managers provide services for managing of finding a tenant and real estate leasing processes, maintenance issues, legal matters and any other additional services, such as property insurance, property refinance, real estate transfers settlement, new property hand over, title deed registration.

For those landlords who have bad experience receiving their property units heavily damaged and uncompensated, please be informed that it plays one of the most significant roles what documents you and your tenant sign. Tenancy contract and its’ clauses related to maintenance and property hand over process can only protect you against damage if there is enough evidence of the condition of the property before it was occupied by your tenant. So how should a property hand over report look like? Should it be a detailed written summary, picture summary or a video summary?

What is Property Handover Services?

If you want to know more about this comprehensive process itself, we recommend you to get in touch with us. BSO inventory lists, equipment lists and hand over checklists are drafted carefully with all due diligence and legal expertise. You will be able to choose the draft you like and we will make sure that it protects you accordingly.

Apart from being secured, you will be able to take appropriate care of your property unit against depreciation which comes anyway and not due to misuse of the unit and its’ inventory. Keeping depreciation costs under your control can definitely improve your return on investment potential.

As soon as all the steps of comprehensive hand over process are completed, property hand over may be considered done and all you need to do is to save a copy of the report. The lease starts under secure control of BSO and your real estate makes money being safely monitored against any possible damage.

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