Lease notice sending

Lease notice sending

For landlord find tenant in Dubai is not the final step in the process of real estate leasing. Management of already leased property is important as well. In particular, ensuring that tenant pays in time, or rise the price. Even make a decision on major repairs of the building. As soon as landlord make such decision, he have to notice tenant in advance.

The Law No. 26 of 2007 is the basic in this case. The full text of it can be found on

Noticing is necessary if:

- tenant fails to pay

The dates of paying rent value have been stipulated when signing tenancy contract. But if tenant is late with payment, landlord have to sand him a notice. And if payment doesn't take place within two months, property owner has the right to evict defaulter.

- price is need to be raised

As it is said in the Law, rental value can be raised according to similar properties in this region. It regulates by the RERA Index Calculator. And price raising also needs to be notified. It must be done no later than 3 months before the due date of tenancy contract.

- landlord wants to evict tenant

In some cases property owner wants his real estate back. For instance, if landlord planes to live or use this property by himself. Or he wants to sale it, or just repair the building. However, each of the listed reasons has it's own details. So let's take a closer look.

When landlord wants to live in the building (or settle there closest relatives), he must proof that he has no another place to live. Also, owner of the land is not able to rent housing in the following year.

If landlord wants to sell his property, he is also interested in eviction of tenant. But the important detail is when landlord notice tenant that he wants to sell the land, the property mustn't be leased in the following two years.

As for overhaul of the leased building, there are two ways. If it was proved, that tenant himself causes some serious damage to property, owner has the right to demand the eviction of tenant before the end of the lease term. That is the deal of The Judicial Committee authorized to settle deputes between landlords and tenants and RERA. But if there is no problems with tenant and landlord just wants to repair the building, the eviction will be after the lease term ends. Note that in this case evicted tenant has priority to return to this property.

According to the Law, in all cases of tenant's eviction a notice must be send no later than 12 months before the due date. The exception is the cases of early eviction of lessee. So the one year term is enough for tenant to find a new place to lease. And undergo the EJARI registration if it is needed for the new property.

If landlord uses services of some company of property management in Dubai, he hasn't to worry about notification sending. The company ensures that notices are delivered on time. Because if they are not, it leads to financial losses on the part of landlord. Also the company takes into account the features of sending different notices. Notice about price rising can be sent by email or from the court department. While evicting notice can be sent only from the court department. So for the proper real estate management, it worth to use the services for sending notices.

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