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In 2023, we resolved 982 rental disputes
3 out of 10 issues are resolved in 1 day without any cost
7 out of 10 situations are solved without resorting to legal proceedings.
98% of decisions in favor of our clients have been received in 10 years


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years of experience resolving rental disputes in Dubai


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Answer 6 questions and get a **zero cost consultation

7 out of 10 rental disputes have a simple solution
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How do we resolve your issue with the tenant?

First we conduct negotiations

72% of disputes are resolved without trial

In 982 cases, the tenant agreed to our client‘s demands as soon as they realized the risksand costs in the event of a lawsuit

We know how to convince your tenant

Our employees have experience in solving issues with tenants for more than 4.5 years. More than 20 effective negotiation strategies have been worked out on the most frequent disputes with tenants

We will protect you from repeating the situation

This and similar situations will not happen to you again. Find out how we will do this

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If your case goes to court


98% winnings in 10+ years

So many verdicts received by BSO coincide with customer expectations

Powerful lawyers on your side

In our legal department, each employee hasat least 3 years of experience in court. In total, the department has won more than 2145 cases

Transparency in the work process

*bullet*We study your documents*new* *bullet*We estimate the probability of winning*new* *bullet*We are developing 1 main and 2 backup strategies*new* *bullet*We represent your interest by proxy - you do not need to attend the court*new* *bullet*We keep you informed of all the changes in your business


Real situations we have resolved

Increased rent

The owner wanted to increase the rent by 29% and sent a notice to the tenant, but did not indicate the new rent amount (incorrect notice), so he found himself in a situation that the rent amount would remain the same for the next year.

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Evicted a tenant who pays below market

The owner rented out an apartment to a tenant who paid well below the market, the tenant refused to move out and did not want to pay market rent

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The tenant was evicted due to non-payment of rent

The tenant was late in rent payments for 3 weeks in a row, promised to pay off the debt every day, asked to wait, and then stopped responding altogether.

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We achieved compensation for damage to property

The tenant agreed with the owner to cover the tiles with carpet. After he left, it turned out that there was glue under the carpet, which ruined the tiles.

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A tenant was evicted for organizing a hostel

The owner of a villa on Al Satwa rented it out under a rental agreement for 15 people. However, there were 50 tenants, which was not part of the agreement. The rooms were refurbished and property was damaged to the tune of 100k dirhams.

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Evicted a tenant for daily sublease

The owner rented out an apartment for 12 months. After 3 months, I discovered that it was rented out daily on booking and AirBNB. The tenant did this without notifying the owner. The apartment began to look much worse, as many people had changed.

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