Find a Tenants in Dubai, UAE for Rental or Residential Property

Find A Tenant In Dubai Within Ten Days

Dubai, being such active in real estate development, keeps supplying new projects to the market. Finding tenants for rental property becoming a really difficult matter these days, where even reducing the price might not be solution for the landlord.

Many property owners reside outside of the UAE, some landlords have limited knowledge about changes in statistical or legal sides of the real estate market. BSO can help in such cases, especially if your matter is urgent.

How to Find and Keep Good Tenants

There is a big difference between how fast YOU can find a tenant for your property and how fast BSO can find a tenant for your property.

Obviously you expect your future tenant to:

  • View, like and rent your property – everything same day;
  • Offer a decent payment for your property;
  • Be having a profile you trust;
  • Keep renting your property the longest possible period;
  • Look after your unit with an outstanding care;
  • Be paying rent always on-time;
  • Obey the UAE law;
  • Return your property back completely clean and fresh.

It is obvious that nowadays to find a tenant matching such criteria is way more difficult that earlier it was.

There is so many people in Dubai may repeat to you: “we will find tenant for residential and commercial property”- however, there should be a smart team at place and efficient operating processes set in the company to be able to reach actions. This is what BSO has!

How To Find Good Tenants For Rental Property

If you go through BSO concept that we offer to our clients, you will find it simple in understanding and proven to be one of most effective these days.

Our team has all required resources and very often finds a tenant within first 3 days of working with the property. Sometimes it takes 10 or more days, as the landlord is the one who approves the lease to go. Properties may be different, but our networks are huge so you will get your tenant from us anyway. Within days of research we get the results straight away from over 500 real estate agents based in Dubai and a number of corporations with reach out to individual as well as corporate tenants, which means that we know how to find commercial tenants at the quickest possible time.

Another masterpiece is our technology or, we call it mechanism of monitoring the progress of work. All our brokers are motivated to keep bringing tenants to show properties that we manage, as we are giving the best support they really may need. Additional advantage is that we have a modest tenant find only fee, for the cases when the client wants to fit the minimum possible budget – which is one more answer on question “why choose us to find tenants”.

If you still can’t find a tenant, BSO is ready to help you with this. You will find tenants for your rental properties way faster and easier with BSO.

BSO will contact you shortly, just leave your details!