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Find a Tenant in Dubai within Ten Days

Tenant helped find a home

Finding tenants for rental property in Dubai is a difficult task. Especially, if you reside outside of UAE or have limited knowledge of the local laws. Nevertheless, property in Dubai is a wonderful means of receiving a stable passive income. After all, the advantages (the lack of taxes, good paying capacity of both locals and tourists) make Dubai an incredibly profitable place for proprietors.

So then, how to find a tenant, which would:

  • offered a decent payment for your premises;
  • did not turn to be a scammer;
  • was ready for a long-term cooperation?

It is simple - contract our aid today. Our employees are ready to find you a reliable leaseholder. We also assume the authority for subsequent consultancy regarding all the legal points.

We Will Find Tenant for Residential and Commercial Property

For our services we take a modest tenant find only fee. This is a huge advantage for those who want to fit the minimum possible budget.

You can expect the opposite if you contact the typical real estate agency. Such companies generally charge the interest rate based on the total cost. In this case, you run the risk of being charged an unexpectedly large sum. Otherwise, you may have to agree with a tenant fee that is lower than average only to reduce the realtor commission.

Why Choose Us to Find Tenants

Trying to solve the question "How to find commercial tenants in Dubai?" many property owners first try to do it personally. However, as the experience of our clients shows, realizing this in practice can be problematic. Surely, any landlord seeks to get as high revenue as possible. But at the same time, verifying the bona fides of the potential tenant for a regular outsider is close to impossible. As a result, some fraudsters can spoil your property and avoid paying for the damage.

Therefore, if you still can’t find a tenant, our team of professionals is ready to help you with this. In particular, we cooerate with more than five hundreds of local real estate agents. That is why the search for the ideal tenant and conclusion of a deal takes no more than ten days. Our rates are fixed, regardless of the size of your premises. We charge just AED 500.00 per month, which is quite low in comparison with competitors.

As we have already noted above, traditional realtors charge a certain percentage of the rental cost. Moreover, in the case of large areas or expensive options, the search for tenants can take a lot of time.

Getting In Touch

If you need the services of tenant search experts in Dubai, you can:

  • visit our office by the address provided on the website;
  • order a return call.

We can begin to find tenants for your rental properties upon discussing the details of cooperation.

BSO will contact you shortly, just leave your details!