EJARI Registration in Dubai - Fees, Documents, Renew EJARI

EJARI registration in Dubai

EJARI registration

As a property management company that operates in Dubai, BSO provides its clients EJARI registration via the on-line system. On the other hand, we emphasize we are able to use our system for obtaining an EJARI certificate only if we manage the leased property. To clarify, we simply don’t have any means to provide this attestation neither for outsider tenants nor for outsider landlords, even if we desire to help them wholeheartedly.

Why you need an EJARI certificate?

EJARI is an electronic system designed for attesting formal terms and conditions of any Rental Agreements in Dubai, durations of which are longer than 6 months and shorter than 10 years. EJARI system makes rental relationships more transparent and secured against lease, going in accordance with the UAE law.

Note, the Government doesn’t leave you any option for EJARI verification. That is to say, EJARI registration is a must for any rental contracts, no matter whether you intended to do this or not. Apart from being law-abiding, there are other benefits from attesting the agreement. Here are two main reasons to get an EJARI certificate:

  • DEWA does not avail its’ supply to non-registered contracts;
  • Neither tenant nor landlord can open a case in courts of Dubai unless the contract is verified by EJARI.

First, in Dubai, utility connection is strictly linked to EJARI attestation. But for this, tenants can’t activate water supply. The same could be said about electricity supply. Second, but also very important, without EJARI registration, no landlords or tenants can lodge a complaint to the Rental Dispute Center and resolve disputes via the authorities. To clarify, even if you hire a property dispute lawyer, you will fail to file a case in Dubai if rental disagreements occur. However, as practice shows, such disputes are not uncommon and affect tenants no less than landlords. So, be sure to get EJARI before your lease starts.

How to register EJARI

If you rent in Dubai through our company, experienced in property management, you have nothing to worry about as we register with EJARI all tenancy contracts we have for the property we run. However, in any other case, you have to accomplish this procedure by yourself. For this purpose, collect all required documents and file the application in the approved typing center. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to file the application for the certificate and just two days for EJARI to issue it.

For tenants whose landlords try to shirk this registration responsibility, we recommend consulting a dispute lawyer immediately.

Documents required for obtaining an EJARI certificate

To obtain the certificate, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Tenant’s passport copy (for non-gulf cooperation council countries nationals);
  • Copies trade license, signatory certificates, and another company’s documentation (in case a company rents);
  • Tenant’s UAE visa copy (for non-gulf cooperation council countries nationals);
  • Emirates ID copy;
  • Original tenancy contract;
  • Landlord’s passport copy;
  • DEWA premises number (latest DEWA bills in cases of EJARI renewals);
  • Copy of a Title deed.

Check the documents validity before filing the application. Besides, we recommend you to check the details. To clarify, compare names and address provided in documents and the contract. It should match. Another pitfall for fast and successful EJARI registration is cancelation of previous EJARI. Unfortunately, when the contract expires, the certificate doesn’t expire but stays still activated. But, unless previous EJARI is canceled, you can’t get a new one for the same property. So, in Dubai if you are going to enter rental relationships, it’s worth to do this through a property management company to avoid further problems. Nevertheless, if you deal directly with an owner of the flat or another unit you want to lease, always ask him to provide previous EJARI cancelation proves in advance.

At BSO, we undertake the cancellation right after the rent is over. So, when we find a tenant, there are no obstructions and no delays for new registration.

EJARI registration fees

EJARI registration involves the following expenses:

  • Certificate registration fee: AED 172.50;
  • Administration fee: AED 40.00;
  • Value added tax: AED 2.00.
As you see, the registration costs AED 214.50, including VAT.

How to renew EJARI

Renew EJARI every year. If the lease is coming to an end but renewal is agreed between you and another party, just repeat the procedure you have done when registering it a year ago. If you have any doubts about your documents, you can always consult a property lawyer, who is familiar with rental law in Dubai. Thus, you will go through the procedure without any delay.

Pay attention to details. In other words, don't forget to choose “contract renewal” option when applying for the certificate. Also, you have to provide the latest DEWA bills linked to the premises. For this, submit the recent DEWA bills (not older than of 2 months), which is issued in the tenant’s name.

BSO will contact you shortly, just leave your details!