EJARI Registration in Dubai, UAE

EJARI registration in Dubai

EJARI registration

If you want to start your business in Dubai, you have to get not only a Trade License but also a Rental Contract for your future business location. And you can conclude your own Tenancy Contract with EJARI. This is an electronic system designed by Real Estate Regulatory Authority(RERA). It involves Tenancy Contracts regulation and makes the work with Rental Agreements legal and transparent for tenants and landlords as well. So both parties can be sure that they drawing up the right type of document. In Dubai, every real estate must be registered with EJARI. Non-registered property is not serviced by Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. Only after registration it can be legally sale, or rent, or auction. Also note, without EJARI certificate tenant or property owner can't go to court for a lease.

Where to register EJARI

For issuing an EJARI Certificate you can choose one of two ways. You can visit one of the approved Typing centers. They are opened 9:00 am - 5:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday. It will take no more than half of an hour if it's no problems with your documents. Or we can help you with EJARI. For this visit ejari.gov.ae and download the form. During the online registration, you have to upload the scanned copies of all needed documents. Be attentive, you must have the Tenancy Contract with EJARI done before or immediately after the date when lease starts!

Required documents

The full list is right below. As a tenant you need:

  • your passport (for non-Gulf Cooperation Council countries nationals).
  • your UAE Visa (for non-Gulf Cooperation Council countries nationals).
  • your Emirates ID.
  • Rental Contract.
  • landlord’s passport.
  • rented property's Title Deeds (or it might be Affection Plan, it issued by the Dubai Municipality).
  • Recent DEWA bills or DEWA Premises Number (for new tenancies - the proof of DEWA registration or it might be DEWA Connection receipt).
  • If the tenant in the contract is a company, the company’s Trade License and Emirates ID of the company manager are needed as well.

EJARI registration fees

Commonly tenants pay the related cost and handle the registration with EJARI.

As is well known, the final amount varies. But as for now (May 2018) you should pay:

  • VAT: AED 5 (just over $1).
  • Certificate registration fee: AED 100 ($27).
  • Knowledge fee: AED 10 ($3).
  • Ejari license: AED 55 ($15).
  • Innovation fee: AED 10 ($3).
  • Typing charges: AED 40 ($11).
  • Online service and VAT: AED 365 ($100).

Also you can get online support and consultation for free. As you see, total sum is AED585 ($160), VAT included. Furthermore, cancellation will cost you AED 220 and Tenancy Contract draft will cost AED 100. You can pay all of the fees online right on EJARI website by using Paypal. As for currency, AED and USD are accepted, but if you pay in dollars consider the exchanging rate of AED to USD conversion. Paypal is totally secure but if you want to read more about the money back guarantees and refunds, check the terms and conditions right on EJARI website. If you register with EJARI offline, your shouldn't pay for online service, so the total sum is AED 215 (about $60)

How to register EJARI: step by step guide

Offline EJARI registration is pretty simple: you should take the required documents and go to the one of Typing centers. So we will show you how to do it online in more detail.

  1. The first section contains information about the applicant ( full name, email address and phone number). The main function of applicants is to take responsibility for the documents' accuracy.
  2. The second section is for tenant's information (email address and phone number). It also includes the type of tenant - an individual person or a company. Also here you have to upload all of the necessary documents.
  3. The third section contains the Tenancy Contract itself (Ejari Contract Form and Addendum).
  4. The supporting documents are in the fourth section. Here you have to upload the passport or Emirates ID of a landlord, the Title Deeds and the DEWA bills.
  5. And the last section contains the “Special instructions” box, in which you can write any special needs.

Usually all this process takes 1-2 days and than you finally have your EJARI certificate sent on your email address. The good news is if the real estate is managed by our company, you haven't to spend your time filling the boxes on EJARI portal. We register you with EJARI by ourself in our office.

How to renew your EJARI

Renewing of EJARI must be done once per year. If the lease is nearing the end, visit the EJARI website and fill in all of the sections similar to the first registration. Pay attention to the third section, don't forget to choose “contract renewal” in the contract type box. Also in the fourth section you have to provide the proof of correctly setting up of DEWA account in the premises. For this upload your recent DEWA bill (not older than 2 months).Usually it's issued in the name of the Tenant. So these are the main differences of renewing.

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