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How to send rent increase notice

Raising the rent can be a tough but necessary measure. To inform your tenant(s) about the raise, you need to write and send the rent increase notice. Today, we’ll not delve into how to write a rent increase notice, so let’s consider you already have one ready. What do you do then?

Know the Law

To comply with the law, you need to know it first. Some US states require you to send the notice 30 days before, some bind you to do this 60 days in advance. The timing may also depend on the amount of increase.

Choose the Timing

If you don’t send your notice in time (as required by the law), tenants don’t have to follow it. So, the timing is crucial. The safest rule is to send it 60 days before the lease ends (with additional several days to account for the delivery time). However, we still suggest you check the laws for your particular situation.

Send the Notice via Mail

Your next step is, obviously, sending it to your tenant(s). Based on experience, the best way to do it is via registered or certified mail. The key perk is that you’ll have proof that the tenant(s) received it. (Needless to say, send it in advance, not exactly 30/60 days before the lease is over – account for the delivery time.)

Send the Scan via Email

As everything is going digital nowadays, the landlord-tenant interactions do as well. You can also notify your tenant(s) about the rent increase via email – just scan the letter and attach it. However, this is a complementary measure to sending it via registered/certified mail and can’t be done instead of it. (Tip: ask the recipient to confirm they got the notice with sending an email.)


Some precautions may seem too much for you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you ever end up getting sued by the tenant, these steps may turn out to be life-saving.

Once the first payment after the increase is due, but the tenant's cheque is bounced, this can be grounds for terminating your lease contract early and repossessing your unit. But before you take any action, make sure you consult with a lawyer first.

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