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How to Find Good Tenants?

When we decide to purchase an investment property, as an owner, one can only ultimately hope that the place won’t stay empty over long periods of time and that tenants it is going to receive and house will be reliable, adequate people.

In reality, unfortunately, everything is more challenging and unpredictable than that. But are there ways to indicate a good tenant - one that would timely pay rent and stay away from the troubles with accommodations - on the stage of making a deal or, at least, during the initial stages of your landlord-tenant relationships?

We will briefly share what we know with you right here.

A Few Pro Tips on Getting Tenants

Any real estate-related deal requires high caution. Especially, if you cannot make it personally and be present at the moment of potential tenants visiting the object-for-rent (due to the remote means of work, when you place renting opportunities for tenants online, for instance).

By the implicit standards of the industry, the most desired tenants for private living spaces are married couples without kids or with small children.

As for commercial properties, your best bet can be large companies looking for accommodations in the capital to provide for their separate workers or whole staff departments. With such a type of commercial tenants, you can always go for the profitable, foul-proof, long-term renting relationships.

On the other hand, we’d recommend you to be aware of potential tenants that:

  • try to rush the deal too much;
  • send their ‘trusted man’ to check the space for rent;
  • check the object only superficially, without showing much interest in the availability of documents or in asking any questions;
  • agree to even the most peculiar renting conditions without giving it any thought;
  • provide only copies of their documents as an ID.

Best Rental Agencies

If you are planning to rent out a property in Dubai, a specialized rental agency will help you with that. Hiring one, a dedicated team of professionals will find you reliable tenants in the shortest terms and will protect you from the incompetent cases with its expert means of protection.

One of the best rental agencies on the territory of Dubai is BSO. With a well-tried-and-tested scheme of finding tenants for rental property alongside the widest database of clients, we will get you several profitable rental options to choose from in no time.

Our realty agents will manage all the challenging professional routine from the day you request us to search tenants, helping to make all the necessary deals and contracts (even if you are geographically unavailable at the moment) and taking responsibility of receiving a realty object after its last tenants’ move-out.

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