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How Often Can A Landlord Increase The Rent In Dubai?

Issues about landlord rights to increase the rent value are most burning for tenancy relationships in Dubai. As it always comes when the interests of two parts are conflicting, one’s benefits cause losses for another part. So, the information we provide in this post may be useful both for landlords and tenants as it contributes to better understanding their opportunities and rights.

Can You Get A Residency If You Buy A Property In Dubai?

In 2002, expatriates were allowed to purchase property in Dubai. Since then, issues of getting a residence via property purchase have become of great interest. Now, buying a property is one of your best options to secure the residency without the need of sponsors.

Resolving Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

Ideally, when both parties fulfill their obligations and respect other party rights, they have few or no tenancy disputes at all. Moreover, they are capable to resolve any issues by mutual consent. Unfortunately, disputes occur with a landlord or a tenant to blame. Thus, the most common dispute cases are:

How Much Money Do You Need To Buy A Rental In Dubai?

To understand how much money you need to buy a rental in Dubai, let’s speak about its real estate prices at first. Of course, prices vary from community to community and depend on area, property type, and its size. For example, apartment studios have the lowest price.

How To Get Started Investing In Rental Properties In Dubai

There are many ways to earn money. Getting a job is the most common, but investing is something that can really benefit you. Hence, it is a good way to make a fortune and improve quality of your life. Besides, investment in rental properties is one of the simplest and popular investments. So, why not to start investing in rental properties?

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