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Weak points of your tenancy contract

It is important to draft legally correct tenancy contract before renting your unit to a tenant.

Handover checklist

Every tenancy agreement contains list of certain responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. One of the most important is returning the property unit in acceptable conditions. To avoid complications during the take over of the unit it is recommended to have an inventory checklist signed. It will help in recordingproperty conditions at the time of hand over.

How to find reliable tenant in the UAE

Good business conditions in the UAE attract a lot of businessmen. Experienced entrepreneurs, as well as young ones, choose this land to grow their business. But every business needs a place! So why not surrender your land to some responsible entrepreneur and make it profitable?

Property rental valuation

Now, how to estimate the right asking price when looking for a tenant?

Don't seek for a clear answer by just checking property portals such as or Calling real estate agents with this question will lead you to discounting the price before negotiation starts, your property in a moment becomes the cheapest deal in the market.

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