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Assistance In Real Estate Insurance

We know a lot of questions arise in your mind concerning real estate insurance. In this post, we will cover most of these questions.

First, we will reveal whether purchasing property insurance is mandatory or optional. Second, we will explain the benefits you get from insuring your property.

Assistance In Buying Property In Dubai

You may feel slightly taken aback when you want to buy property in Dubai with all that rumors and unknowns. In this post, we will cover all the FAQs with detailed answers to provide you a complete picture.

First, the BSO team provides you with professional expertise in the market. Our experts know all the ropes, including peculiarities of free-hold and lease-hold ownership as well as of transactions with off-plan and secondary units.

Is It Better To Transfer Your Property To A Management Company Or Do It Yourself?

Though rental income is often mentioned as passive, rental business still involves some tasks to perform.

Note this is hardly a complete list, as each of the tasks comprises numerous sub-tasks you have to handle. Of course, you can do it yourself. But wouldn’t it be better to hire a management company?

How To Keep Your Tenants Happy

Finding good tenants is a sort of science. Keeping them happy is an art. It is true in every kind of rental business and especially when it comes to residential property.

When people look for a unit to rent, they pay attention to three main facets.

Tips For Being A Successful Landlord

Deciding to rent your property out, you don’t plan to end up with lots of troubles, vacant units, and great loss, do you? On the contrary, you pursue the following targets taken in a single bunch:

  • Close-to-100% unit occupation rate;
  • Trouble-free tenants;
  • High rental yield.
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