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Tips For Being A Successful Landlord

Deciding to rent your property out, you don’t plan to end up with lots of troubles, vacant units, and great loss, do you? On the contrary, you pursue the following targets taken in a single bunch:

  • Close-to-100% unit occupation rate;
  • Trouble-free tenants;
  • High rental yield.
How To Keep Your Tenants Happy

Finding good tenants is a sort of science. Keeping them happy is an art. It is true in every kind of rental business and especially when it comes to residential property.

When people look for a unit to rent, they pay attention to three main facets. First, whether the area, initial condition, facilities, and amenities comply with their needs and lifestyle. Second, whether the rent is fair for the unit. Third, whether they can afford to rent this dwelling place.

Is It Better To Transfer Your Property To A Management Company Or Do It Yourself?

Though rental income is often presented as passive, rental business still involves some tasks to perform. Here is an indicative list of tasks related to the rental business:

  • Finding tenants;
  • Property maintenance;
  • Dealing with paperwork;
  • Dealing with rental disputes;
  • Move-in and move-our check out;
  • Cleaning the unit and arranging it for new tenants.
Plan Your Trip Take Advantage of Expo 2020 with BSO

Are you going to travel to Dubai or the UAE at the end of this year or the beginning of the next one? If so, what a lucky you are! To clarify, in the last quarter of 2020 (namely, on 20 October) Dubai will host one of the most exciting event, Expo 2020 and will run it till the beginning of the first quarter of 2021 (namely, till 10 April). Thus, having a trip to the country and the emirate during this period you can have pleasure not only of its wonders, but of the exposition as well.

Meet The Expo 2020 Dubai With BSO

The world is awaiting the biggest exposition of the last five years, Expo 2020. Being hosted in Dubai, the event expects the number of visitors and participators as much as dozens of millions and hopes you are going to be one of them. But what is the first question arise in your mind when you plan your trip? Right you are! It is a sort of “where-will-I-stay?” question!

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