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Pros And Cons Of Allowing Tenants To Sublease

A sublease is a not-unheard practice. But as a landlord, you need to fully understand all the aspects and pitfalls this practice involves. First, being aware of the sublease essence and Dubai legislation towards it, you can stand firmly on your rights. Second, you need to have the full picture of your possible benefits and all the risks a sublease may involve.

Dubai Expo 2020 Officially Postponed For A Year

As the world now is facing the pandemic COVID-19, staying home and kindly supporting family and friends is the best answer to this challenge. Perhaps the total global recovery will take more than just a few months. Thus, to let EXPO 2020 happens in its full, it was decided to postpone its date by a year.

For Rent High Life Dubai

For many years Dubai attracts people with its luxury lifestyle. The Forbes tops buy grand villas and apartments here to live here from time to time. You can also afford living in luxury apartments in Dubai and enjoy all the opportunities the emirate provides.

Easy Lease With BSO Property Management Company

More and more property owners entrust their assets to us. What is our core value? We save time. Not just declaratively. Actually.

Here, our strong suits are our ability to collaborate on a remote basis and a large variety of tools we use to enrich our partnership, both with landlords and tenants.
BSO Mortgage Assistance

Yes, when using mortgages and bank loans to raise funds, your total cost of ownership can be twice higher compared to using your own money. Still, if your savings are limited, this is the only option to become a happy owner. After all, when you renting a flat, you pay money as well but this doesn’t drive your closer to your target of having a home of your own.

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