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New Regulations For Bounced Cheque in Dubai

The post-dated cheque (aka the draft) is the rent payment method that is widely used in Dubai as well as all over the UAE. Even if you agree to split your annual rent payment onto two or more parts, writing out a draft for each part in advance on the day of signing the lease is the common way to follow.

It is very convenient both for the landlords and the tenants. To clarify, it enables the parties to settle the rent payment once and for the whole year. Thus, landlords get some guarantees their tenants will not evade rent payment. In their turn, the tenants don’t need to waste their time on sending a draft each time the due day comes.

How Can I Rent My Apartment Quickly In Dubai?

The common belief is only landlords desire to get into the rental deal in the shortest possible time as they lose their rental income otherwise. However, tenants often need such quick deals as well. So, now we put aside the question ‘How can I rent my house quickly?’ and shift our focus to the question ‘How can I rent an apartment quickly?’

Of course, the shortest way is to contact the best rental agencies in Dubai. Such agencies have an extensive rental property network. Therefore, they help you find accommodation, reserve it, and get the lease in a winkle.

The Tenant Has Caused Damage To Property

Renting out a property always involves certain risks. What if a tenant damages my property? What if he doesn’t pay or pay the low rent? These are two main questions that often restrain persons from stepping into the landlordship.

However, tenancy legislation in Dubai and specially established Rental Dispute Center (RDC) protect landlords’ rights and make it easy to hold your tenants accountable. Read our post to know more about how to resolve property damage, rent default, or low-rent issues.

Pros and Cons of Allowing Tenants to Sublease

A sublease is a not-unheard practice. But as a landlord, you need to fully understand all the aspects and pitfalls this practice involves. First, being aware of the sublease essence and Dubai legislation towards it, you can stand firmly on your rights. Second, you need to have the full picture of your possible benefits and all the risks a sublease may involve. This way you can make an informed decision whether to allow your tenant to sublet or not so as not to regret in the future.

Dubai Expo 2020 Officially Postponed For A Year

As the world now is facing the pandemic COVID-19, staying home and kindly supporting family and friends is the best answer to this challenge. Perhaps the total global recovery will take more than just a few months. Thus, to let EXPO 2020 happens in its full, it was decided to postpone its date by a year.

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