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How To Find Commercial Tenants in Dubai

Commercial real estate, also known as CRE, refers to properties exclusive for business. These properties include offices, shops, restaurants, warehouse, and other establishments that generate profit. Being a tourist and investment hub in Middle East, Dubai caters many commercial spaces. Investors from all parts of the globe come here to setup their businesses. Commercial landlords became tempted right away because of the abundance of prospect tenants. But how sure are they if they are the right tenant for the property?

How To File A Case Against Tenant

Now, your property is rented out and it seems that everything is going well. Or so you thought it is going fine. Then you will encounter problems with your tenant. What if my tenant doesn’t pay his rent on time? What if my tenant destroyed my property? What is my next step to deal with it? These are some typical questions that landlords usually ask.

Bounced Cheques In Dubai: What You Need To Know

Rental transactions, nowadays, are usually done in multiple payments. Thus, cheques are issued by tenants to landlords. It’s the most common way of setting rental payments here in the UAE. But what if tenants weren’t able to have enough funds on the agreed deposit date stated on issued cheques? This is where bounced cheques occur.

Landlord’s maintenance contracts

For property maintenance, some landlords opt to go with service providers on an annual basis. Landlords do this simply because they don’t have time or resource to do it. But is it really worth it? Imagine paying a whole year of service then finding out there were no issues. Should you have chosen to get a specialized service on an hourly rate? Let’s find out the answer.

Trouble With Tenant

Tenants paying rent on time and being responsible is what every landlord want. However, they will still encounter troublesome tenants every now and then. That’s why some of them seek assistance from property management companies to address it. But how do we identify this kind of tenants in the first place?

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