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Maintenance And Repair Tips For Landlords And Tenants

Stepping into tenancy relationships, you should be familiar with both parties’ responsibilities regarding the safety of the other party’s property and goods. Thus, you can avoid or prevent most of future troubles. At BSO, we always recommend landlords who act on his own to study carefully all possible pitfalls.

How To Rent An Apartment In Dubai

When you rent your apartment in Dubai regularly, you know the process perfectly, as the rules haven’t been changed for a long time. However, if it is your first time, you may be little taken aback with all the steps you need to go through and legislation peculiarities.

Property Disputes for Tenancy Contracts in Dubai

Dubai authorities made huge progress in their effort to establish good relationships between landlords and their tenants when they clarified the landlords’ and tenant’s rights. In addition, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority has developed a unified tenancy contrast that is mandatory and contains typical clauses.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Landlord?

The rental business may seem to be so easy, attractive, and money-promising. However, it is still a business. In other words, it has its risks, problems, and obligations. And as a landlord, you need to have certain skills and abilities to face and handle them:

How Often Can A Landlord Increase The Rent In Dubai?

Issues about landlord rights to increase the rent value are most burning for tenancy relationships in Dubai. As it always comes when the interests of two parts are conflicting, one’s benefits cause losses for another part. So, the information we provide in this post may be useful both for landlords and tenants as it contributes to better understanding their opportunities and rights.

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