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Bluewaters Area Guide

Bluewaters Island is a luxury leisure-friendly area. Owning a property in Bluewaters, you are a happy owner of rental units that are highly attractive to tenants but limited in numbers. At BSO, we can help you run your rental business without much involvement on your part. When signing a property management contract with us, you delegate to us all the tasks related to your rental business.

What is City Walk Dubai?

City Walk Dubai is a luxury community that offers high life for its residents and beneficial rental opportunities for the landlords. Being still under development, it promises to be even more unique and luxury. For you as a landlord, this means great interest from the tenants for your unit to rent. At BSO, we have both the knowledge and experience to highlight the valuable factors and manage your property for your greatest benefit.

The Lifestyle in Dubai Downtown

Dubai Downtown is often regarded as a key area for young enthusiasts. Indeed, it is a wonderful mix of Arabic and international culture, excellent business and job opportunities, and close proximity to Dubai highlights and famous attractions. For you as a landlord, this means you have plenty of opportunities to find a tenant for your apartment or villa located in this area.

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

As an expert of the real estate market, we would like to pay attention to the Dubai Hills Estate area now. That’s why we present here a complete guide to clarify all your opportunities and limitations when renting out your property located in this area. Being designed as a luxury community, it attracts tenants of high and above middle income. And this is one of your opportunities as a landlord.

Dubai Marina Area Guide

Are you aware of how gorgeous your Dubai Marina area is? An elaborate combo of city and beach lifestyle opportunities! Unsurprisingly, apartments here are in great demand. So, if you want to rent apartments in one of Dubai Marina’s properties, contact us. We will help you quickly find a tenant and manage your property.

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