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How to Send Rent Increase Notice

Raising the rent can be a tough but necessary measure. To inform your tenant(s) about the raise, you need to write and send the rent increase notice. Today, we’ll not delve into how to write a rent increase notice, so let’s consider you already have one ready.

How to Find Good Tenants?

When we decide to purchase an investment property, as an owner, one can only ultimately hope that the place won’t stay empty over long periods of time and that tenants it is going to receive and house will be reliable, adequate people.

Types of professional property managers

Real estate property management is something that implies monitoring, caring and looking after a place to make sure that everything is fine and the living conditions are acceptable.

Networking and marketing tips

How many brokers are actively searching for tenants for you?

ATTENTION: “actively” – means the broker is really motivated and working hard to reach the target.

Tenant screening

How to reduce the risk of getting a bounced cheque from your tenant? To secure yourself from it you need to make your due diligence in the very beginning – before you sign the tenancy contract.

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